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Let’s Play: Defiance 2050 Closed Beta

May 1st, 2018 by

Defiance 001Back in 2013, Defiance was a quirky little experiment. Linking a videogame MMO with a weekly live-action TV show, huge crossovers were promised only for them to fall a little flat. We were promised quests that would affect the storyline and direction of the TV show. We got leaderboard winners featuring on a wanted poster in a single scene.

Although the crossovers were weaker than imagined that’s not to say that as standalone entities they didn’t both have some great plus points (I could listen to Jaime Murray all day long). Fast forward to 2018 and the TV show has been cancelled after 3 seasons and the videogame has faded from public view, still active of course but rarely talked about among gaming communities other than Defiance based ones.

The fading wasn’t any fault of Trion Worlds, who quite frankly did pretty much everything that they possibly could for the fans. A move to a completely free-to-play model (the initial game originally had to be purchased but with no monthly subscriptions) alongside hefty map expansions couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room.

Technology had moved on and Defiance was held back by its engine which was designed around the restrictions of the PlayStation 3 in order to maximise the server populations. Part remaster, part sequel, the title is being reimagined under the banner of Defiance 2050. Four years after the original Defiance was set.

Defiance 003

Set for a release this Summer, Defiance is having a pretty major overhaul with the Xbox One now being the engines lowest common denominator. With most of the original content being retained, a fresh coat of polish and lots of new content promised. Defiance 2050 is sure to please both old and new fans alike.

After jumping into the recent closed beta, one memory came flooding back – Defiance was always a challenge, whether you rolled solo or grouped up the challenge remained due to missions scaling up based on the level of the overall group rather than its individual parts.

After a few hours, I remembered the fun I used to have with weapons in Defiance or more to the point, the variety of weapons in Defiance. Explosions, toxic gooey balls, some weird parasite or a spread of fire; the weapons in Defiance could do it all based purely on the modifiers and your playing style.

Defiance 002

Unfortunately my favourite memory of Defiance I struggled to find many of. The Arkfalls. Hugely overrated in gameplay mechanics but super fun and awesome to behold and be part of. Being part of a group of 40-60 players all trying to take out a supersized Hellbug whilst also trying to clear the Ark area of common day to day Hellbugs was not only gripping and rewarding but at times made you forget about the main or side quests as you went from Arkfall to Arkfall in order to gain weapons and armour.

From what I have seen thus far coupled with promises Trion have made Defiance 2050 will banish the previous seen limitiations. How this equates to gameplay has not yet been announced but surely bigger and tougher Arkfalls must be one thing. Although it seems that first gen players will not be able to carry over their previous characters or receive any form of bonus, I personally think it’s a good call for everyone to start afresh, reacquaint themselves with New Earth and come join Clan GBD this summer as we head out to squash some bugs.


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One Response to “Let’s Play: Defiance 2050 Closed Beta”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    Excellent Review Simon, it only seems like yesterday since I was playing the first game. Damn those patches took forever to download on the PS 3.

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