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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Review

December 6th, 2017 by

Victor vran 001Victor Vran…

That’s a silly name, isn’t it?

But… is it a silly game?

No. It Isn’t, it’s actually pretty good.

Victor Vran is a fast paced Action RPG – come – Dungeon Crawler, and it’s a good one.

Made by Haemimont Studios in Bulgaria, home of the Tropico Series (well some of it anyway) and with a protagonist voiced by Doug Cockle (Yes, that’s right, Geralt of Rivia) and some questionable DLC in the form of Motorhead themed ‘Through The Ages’


You like Diablo? Cool for you bro, I’m not lazy enough to make that comparison yet but we’ll see how desperate I get when the word count dwindles.

It’s worth noting that the beginning of ‘VV’ can get very monotonous, lots of base level enemies to smash through and get used to combat systems and supers, I can’t say this strongly enough, this is one to stick with past the mundane beginnings, as more weapons and tougher bosses come in this one is as rewarding as it is fun.

Visually, there’s a lot going on on-screen at any one time and that sometimes gives the game a mild brainfart as to what it needs to do next, graphics won’t set the world alight, but they’re interesting considering the vanilla game came out in 2015. It’s as dark as Victor’s heart (coz he’s well goth, innit) with some rich colours and textures. some of the cut scenes do look awesome.

sounds-wise I’d be incredibly remiss if I didn’t cover the Motorhead DLC ‘through the ages’ in which some weird semi nazi-lore is smashed into some demon-lore and then set to Motorhead music / overdriven guitars. It has no business working, but it does, thanks to the games solid foundation. The other sound thing I need to cover is Victor BEING Geralt. There’s no difference in tone, inference or attitude between Victor and our favourite Witcher, which I actually think is to this games detriment. It deserves its own protagonist, instead we have Geralt with a shotgun.


I think the strongest endorsement I can give this game is that I keep going back to it when I’m wondering what to play; and maybe more than that, it entertains the wife while she’s watching me play it has enough about it to keep spectators interested too.

Give it a bash, I don’t think you’ll be sorry


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