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Grand Prix Rock n Roll Racing Review

August 15th, 2016 by

grand prix 001There comes a time in life, where you start to look back and reminisce about simpler times, when Wagon Wheel biscuits used to fit a wagon. When a Big Mac had to be held with two hands and don’t get me started on toilet seats. I used to have to hold onto the side of them for fear of falling down the hole.

It’s probably this very reason that I tend to enjoy retro gaming, whether this be remakes, reboots or just playing games in their original form (albeit without the 15 minute wait listening to the Ocean loading screen).

grand prix 003

What I am getting at is, that in order for you to sit through a long waiting time every time you wanted to play the game, then the game had to be good. One of these games was Super Sprint. Super Sprint wasn’t just good, it was the canines’ testicles.

It seems that EnjoyUp Games also thinks this way too as Grand Prix Rock n Roll Racing is a modern take on this top down racing classic.

EnjoyUp first dipped their toe into the top down racing bath last year with the release of Rock n Roll Racing Offroad which, apart from having a ridiculously long title, was let down by some questionable physics and handling. However a few months driving down the road has seen EnjoyUp try and learn from its previous mistakes.


Obviously, as the name suggests, the dune buggies and offroad racing has been ditched in favour of F1 race cars and Grand Prix circuit racing, it also replaces the static single screen race track format for larger, scrolling tracks. It gives the game a more open feeling – think Super Sprint meets Micro Machines.

Grand Prix RnR Racing also flips the difficulty on its head. Rather than getting harder as you progress, the opportunity to win a race actually gets easier. In all honesty, the first car you have is almost like a test on whether you will continue with the game. To say it’s a bad car is an understatement, it’s slow, it has the turning circle of a tank and is just a bit pants.

Obviously, it doesn’t stay that way for long and you soon start earning tokens which you can use for upgrades and the standard range of options are all here. Acceleration, top speed, braking and all other racing styled upgrades. Before the end of the first season I was the Speed Racer and then the problem changed, the frustration of the 10th place finished was gone; only to be replaced by the boredom of the consistent 1st place finish.

grand prix 002

That’s not to say it’s a terrible game, it’s a perfect pick up and drive racer as long as you are not looking for a massive challenge. Mind you if you were looking for a massive racer challenge you would be buying the official F1 game rather than this one; but that’s where Grand Prix Rock n Roll Racing wins. If you are buying this one, you are not even spending £7 and that’s full price before it hits a digital sale of some description. Cheap price, fun but unchallenging racing, great for coming home from the pub to but whether or not you are still playing this at Christmas remains to be seen.

Midlife Gamer Rating: 6.5/10     Format:  Xbox One     Release Date: Out Now

Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were provided a copy of Grand Prix Rock n Roll Racing by the publisher for review purposes. The title was reviewed over the course of 5 days. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.


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