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Metro Redux Review

September 26th, 2014 by

Metro 001If you didn’t really get into the last generation of consoles but have joined the new revolution of 1080p’s and 60fps then you are in for a treat, because a lot of the best games are being ‘remastered’. Some are worth it, some less so, but where does Metro Redux fit in?


Metro Redux, developed by 4A Games is actually two games, 2010′s Metro 2033 and 2013′s sequel, Metro Last light. Both of these games were on my radar, I bought them both cheap played an hour on each of them before running out of time because there were other things I was desperate to play. This time round the games are a welcome distraction from the big multiplayer titles out there, Deep Silver have been very clever with the pricing too, £25 if you shop around is an excellent price for two very good games that didn’t show up on a lot of people’s radars.


For those that aren’t in the know, Metro 2033 is set in post-apocalyptic Moscow and is based on a Russian novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Earth has been devastated by a nuclear war and the people of Moscow who managed to survive went deep down into the tunnels of the city’s Metro System. Towns were created in the many stations on the system, but they are not alone, mutants roam the system and they joined by supernatural occurrences. Your job as Artyom is to deliver a message to a neighbouring town, unsurprisingly it’s not as simple as that.


Metro Last Light takes place one year after the events of Metro 2033, The Rangers have since occupied a military facility,a huge pre-war bunker with miles of tunnels that have yet to be fully explored, Artyom is now an official Ranger, but even after a year he is still haunted by the decision he made in Metro 2033. Despite their best efforts, word of the facility has spread around the Metro, with rumours that the bunker may contain enough supplies to sustain the Metro indefinitely. Tensions run high as the rival factions prepare for war in the hope of seizing the bunker and its contents for themselves.

Metro 003

Each game will see you teaming up with other characters to fight your way through the systems and depending in your style of play it may be pretty difficult. Metro Redux allows you to play across the two games in a choice of styles, Spartan and Survivor. Spartan mode is more forgiving; there is more ammo and the game is more actions focused like it is in Last Light. You can also choose to play on Survival mode which is much tougher as there is much less ammo and much more dangerous enemies. Those who have a thirst for danger can play In Ranger mode, which removes the HUD and makes life that bit more awkward, there is something for everyone.


The Metro series is really atmospheric and will quickly suck you in, despite being set in such bleak circumstances the levels look great, whether you are underground wading through the tunnels or venturing out to witness what used to Moscow, there were many moments in the game that had me on the edge of my seat. Some of the enemies you come across are brilliant, though I had to reduce the difficult because at times I just got too overwhelmed; it’s definitely a challenge at times.


As well as the action side to the games I loved to spend time in the towns listening to the conversations of the different people living there, some made you laugh, other made you realise how tough life was down below. There were quite a few glitchy areas even within the first hour of the original Metro 2033 but I didn’t notice them when playing in Redux. I had a few issues with the game not loading levels and I had to reinstall the whole game, but that was just as likely to be my Xbox One more than anything else. I haven’t noticed any problems during my playthrough since.


Metro 2033 gets the bulk of the improvements as it was the older game, visually it now looks a lot better, character models are clearer and even the hub has been updated to match the improvements that were made in Metro Last Light to make it simpler to navigate. Sometimes it’s the smaller things you notice that can impress you when playing remastered titles, the lighting effects are superb, when water or blood splashes across your gas mask you’ll notice how the light changes as it reflects through the droplets, for some reason it caught my attention and impressed me.

Last Light looked much better when it came out but it’s also had some work done on it visually and looks even better for it. The Redux version also comes with all of the games DLC including the Kshatriya add-on, set in a freely explorable version of the monster-filled Moscow Library, if you thought Metro Redux was already a bit if a bargain with the two games, throwing all the DLC just adds to the value.

Metro 002


Quite simply, if you have played these games already it’s still worth taking a look at these games again, thanks to the improvements made across the board, if you haven’t had any time with either I fully recommend that you don your gas mask and experience a couple of the last generations most under-appreciated games, they are full of atmosphere, the tensions at times is huge but it’s well worth some if your precious gaming time.

MLG Rating: 8/10               Format:   Xbox One / PlayStation 4               Release Date: 29/08/2014

Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were provided a copy of Metro Redux by the publisher for review purposes. The title was reviewed over the course of two weeks on a Xbox One. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.

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