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Teej Tests…..Derp of Duty

November 11th, 2013 by

Hello Kitty Pink Punk Teej ArtDerp of Duty is a point and click adventure with more cleavage than a night out on the town. However it seems that this is its only attribute.

The basis of the story is: Derp’s brother Angus is getting married to Jody P who just two weeks ago Derp was screwing at the Donut Hole. Derp now wants to outdo his little brother by taking a better looking girl as a date to Angus’s wedding.  So he has a look at his messages on his online dating profile and low and behold there are several messages waiting for him. He picks the girl he likes and then goes on a date with her. Derp somehow gets kidnapped by the mob and made to go on missions to assassinate people for the mob boss Taco. Taco speaks like he has swallowed a dictionary and is a very stereotypical African American.

Derp of Duty taco

These missions require Derp to assassinate three people, which he has to go a funny way about doing it, such as, giving a guy some laxatives so he can then go shoot the guy whilst he’s on the toilet.

Derp of Duty relies heavily on crude jokes and the use of the word ‘Derp’ to make it entertaining. This can become quite tiresome and even annoying as it is so predictable. It is alright for the first five minutes but after that it is just constant and it takes away the fun of the game.

The graphics aren’t bad, it’s quite brightly coloured and it doesn’t seem to suffer from slow down, maybe because there’s not much of it. There is just a small street with around seven shops, you can go in to each of these shops and speak to the shopkeeper, there is also Derp’s van and that’s pretty much it. There is a change of scenery at the end of the game when you have to go and find Taco’s secret hideout which isn’t that secret considering it has an arrow pointing to it saying ‘Taco’s secret hideout’. This hideout is a sewer and they have zombiefied the people who you’ve assassinated throughout the game. You have to give these zombies a certain item and they will go away.

The game ends up with you having a boxing match with Taco – don’t ask me how we got to this point, I’m not quite sure either but just go with it, it’ll be over soon and then you can go about your daily life again and not think or speak of it again.

derp of duty boobs

The voice acting in this game is terrible! It sounds like they just got random people off the street and told them to read the script. Which I hasten to add is also rubbish. It could be a good story line if it wasn’t for all the crude remarks and the overuse of the word ‘Derp’.

The controls are quite clunky, I’m not a big fan of point and click adventures on consoles and this game doesn’t sway my opinions of them at all. It could possibly work better if it was on a mobile touch screen device.

Overall, this game is a simple point and click adventure based on a jackass who you will end up wanting to kill. It looks ok and does what it says on the tin. The music can be quite annoying as there doesn’t seem to be much variety. The storyline starts off quite simple but there are a few plot twists that will throw you. I think this might be a marmite game, if you can see through the stereotypes and boob jokes you might like it but for me it was just way too much. There are lots of hints at a sequel throughout the game, or DLC…please don’t.

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One Response to “Teej Tests…..Derp of Duty”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Souonds like a case of “thanks for playing it so we dont have to” ;)

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