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Teej Tests…..Death Goat

October 1st, 2013 by

Hello Kitty Pink Punk Teej ArtDeath Goat is a twin stick shooter of awesomeness with balls bigger than yours! It had me hooked right from the get go with its mindless violence with metal music.

There are four characters to choose from: Death Goat, of course this is the title of the game so it’s a given. Death Witch, she has her bum hanging out what more do you need?! Death Granny who rides around in her wheelchair shooting shit and finally Death Kitty, which for those familiar with cat memes will know him/her/it as Grumpy Cat. These characters made me giggle and give this game a very comedic feel. There is also a Death Tank that you can unlock after achieving a total score of 1million. There are only three zones to choose from, but each one is very detailed and the bodies from the enemies you kill during that level turn into the background as well, like fossils in a rock.

deathgoat 002

Right onto gameplay, the best way I can describe Death Goat is that it is like Geometry Wars but with metal, blood and gore and this makes for a very happy TeeJ I might add! It is very easy to control, you move around with your left stick and you aim and shoot with your right stick. You collect gun power ups such as lasers or guns that fire three bullets at once, but these only last for a limited period of time and then you go back to your basic weapon. You can also collect bombs. These are very handy for when there is far too much going on, on the screen at once and you feel death is imminent. Do not waste these; you will kick yourself for it. The enemies come out in waves, and different enemies are added as the waves progress, so do the volume and the difficulty of enemies.

The thing about this game that had me hooked even before I played it was the menu. The starting menu is really aesthetically pleasing and really suits the type of game it is. The death metal style writing i.e. it’s near impossible to read and spelling sets it up well. Then you go in to the selection menu. And this is where I got overly excited! It has some awesome metal tracks from the likes of God Forbid and Between the Buried and Me. The game has around eight tracks of hard hitting music you can choose to play the levels too and it even has a shuffle option. I spent far too long in the menu before even playing the game going ‘wow!’. The intensity of the music really reflects what is happening on the screen well.

deathgoat 002

At £1.99 this title is in the higher bracket of XBLIG pricing but is worth every single penny. I would recommend this to anyone who likes games such as Geometry Wars or anyone who is open minded to the ways of the metal music. Death Goat gets a massive thumbs up from me.  Well done Nocturnal Studio you rock!

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