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When Vikings Attack Review

November 22nd, 2012 by

Zombies, aliens, killer tomatoes, ants, orcs and lots of mutant stuff; mainly blobs have all had a shot of attacking us and in the main we have come out on top but what about Vikings?  What if Vikings attacked us? What if Vikings attacked us and we were somehow in 1970’s Britain?

Well thanks to Clever Beans, with their first release When Vikings Attack we shall wonder no more.

It appears that when Vikings do indeed attack they don’t do so with surgical precision or any of that raping and pillaging nonsense that is so often used to describe Vikings throughout the ages. Oh no, what they do is all group into a huddle and throw anything that they can lay their hands on.

Despite being attacked by burly, horn helmeted Norsemen the good people of 70’s Britain don’t run and hide. They don’t find the nearest policeman or even contact the army. What they do is put down their newspaper wrapped fish and chips and respond in kind by forming their own huddle and start throwing everything they can find at their invaders thus creating a rather surreal version of dodge ball; just with telephone boxes and park benches instead of balls.

If you are expecting When Vikings Attack to become more complicated than this then you will be disappointed.  You start off as a single character and over time you will find other people to join with you and therefore increase the size of your group which in turn allows you to pick up and hurl larger and heavier objects at your Viking foes.

It’s not all about the attack though as the Vikings are trying to throw objects at you and wipe you out.  Catch one too many Viking thrown objects with your face and you will be soon restarting the level. As you progress you will find yourself up against two or three groups of Vikings so your ability to dodge and weave around your enemies attacks whilst trying to send a tractor hurtling through the air towards them is key.

Your tactics very rarely get more complicated than this, sometimes you will have to shoot a laser through a L shaped pipe and sometimes Vikings will come equipped with shields. In order to succeed you will need to bounce the object off of a lamp post or a wall in order to hit your target but in the main everything remains simple.

The areas that you play in are sometimes cramped; even in single player but this just adds to the fun and when an object inadvertently rebounds off a lamp post only to take out the entire group of Norseman you will find yourself punching the air with a “Hell yeah” added for good measure. The fun you have in single player is amplified in multiplayer with the areas becoming more enclosed and chaotic with objects flying in all directions and collateral damage a certainty.

There are a number of game modes that you can play in When Vikings Attack: Quest Levels, Co-op Quest, Last Man Standing, Gold Rush and Vikings vs Vigilantes but despite this they are all very similar, as such you will feel that you have played the bulk of the overall experience very quickly.

Clever Beans have adopted the Sony “Cross” features wholeheartedly and When Vikings Attack allows you to not only utilise Cross Buy but also: Cross-Play; allowing to play on your Vita against friends on PS3, and vice-versa. A big selling point for me is the Cross-Save feature. Both your PS3 and Vita utilises the same save game which is automatically stored online which allows you to pick up on your Vita  where you left off on your PS3.

Overall, When Vikings Attack could only really exist as a download title.   It’s a refreshing change of pace during the AAA Title season. The single player is fun in short bursts but it’s the games humour and multiplayer elements that will keep you coming back, I just hope the online community lasts a while.

MLG Rating: 6/10 Platform: PS3 / Vita Release Date: Out Now

Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were provided a digital copy of When Vikings Attack for review purposes. The title was reviewed over the course of 3 days on a PS3 and Vita. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.


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