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Tryst Preview

September 7th, 2012 by

Having played real time strategies through its many iterations, from Megalomania and Populous back on the Amiga, Warcraft and Command & Conquer on the PC and PlayStation, right up to RUSE, Starcraft and the Total War series on our current generation, I’ve had the privilege to see the humble RTS evolve  to become one of the first genres to produce professional players who compete regularly, and gave the gaming industry a more mature and professional persona.

With my long and varied history with Real Time Strategy titles, I had high hopes that Tryst, the latest game developed by BlueGiant Interactive, would bring something new to the table.

Hands on with only the Multiplayer section of Tryst was not a major disadvantage when previewing this game, as it’s clear from the outset that the singleplayer campaign has been primed as effectively a “training” mode for the competitive Multiplayer.

At its core Tryst features maps designed for team play or free-for-alls with between two and eight players. Although not evident in the trial, the game will include clan support, Steam achievements, leaderboards, and a built-in replay system.

The matchmaking facilities are extremely simplistic, but did raise some initial concerns. When digging deeper into the background of the system, I found that the only server available, and most of the other players with the preview code, were based in the United States.

This made arranging games difficult, as sitting up until one or two in the morning is not an easy thing to do midweek, so hopefully upon full release there will be servers and players available, closer to home.

Gameplay consists of your standard RTS tropes. With an Ore Extractor, Power generator and HQ, your goal is to destroy the enemy HQ before he destroys yours.

This is achieved by capturing resource nodes throughout the map, which will increase your ore and power production, allowing you to create new buildings and new unit types with which to take on your enemy. You also then upgrade your units with special abilities that make them unique through the A.R.M (Augmentation Research Mechanism) system.

Having only two races available, Humans and Zali, keeps the game simplistic. With the humans, being the easier race to manage, even a novice can have a good run at amassing a massive army, and games tend to last between ten and 30 minutes, so are good for a quick blast.

Regrettably, although my PC was far in excess of the preferred requirements for Tryst, it still struggled at times, especially when the screen became busy and even crashed several times. As such, bumping all the settings down to normal and turning off the lighting effects quickly solved the problem but raises fresh concerns over the engine stability.

All bugs and niggles aside (it is a preview code after all), Tryst looks to be a fun and challenging RTS, with some minor RPG elements and some impressive AI. We’ll be sure to bring you the full review once it’s released.

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