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Kahoots Review

December 28th, 2010 by

Let me get this off my chest straight away.
I’m not very good at puzzle games!
Well perhaps thats not fair, I think there are just some puzzle mechanics which my brain just wont let me ‘get’.

That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these puzzle games, I just know I’ll never quite master the harder levels.  Kahoots can now sit along with the likes of Braid and Lumines, great games to play even though I suck at it.

For the past year Kahoots was only available as a PSP Mini title, but now iPhone and iPod Touch users get themselves a piece of the action.  The London based developers Honeyslug have been knocking titles out across a bunch of platforms for a few years now and for a small team have a lot of talent and experience in this genre.

The goal of each level is to guide your Kahoot to the exit with the option to collect slices of cake for the completionist within you.  Now between your Kahoot and the exit are a bunch of environmental hazards and monsters to avoid, achieved by manipulating blocks which make up the environment itself.  Using the touch function individual blocks can be selected and swapped with a connecting block, essentially allowing you to slide under your Kahoots feet as he continues on this constant path.

New gameplay features such a trap doors and jump pads are introduced by the star of the show, the Peg Beast who sings catchy and funny as hell songs to you before levels.  Don’t believe me? See for yourself

Brilliant eh!

For the most past, the touch controls on my iPhone very well, even my chunky digits were able to grab desired blocks and move them with ease.  My only gripe would be how tricky it can be at times to scroll or zoom the camera.

MLG Rating: 8/10

Platform: iPhone / iPod Touch  Release Date: 30/12/2010

Disclosure: The title was reviewed over the course of 5 days on an iPhone. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.

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