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Broken Sword II : The Smoking Mirror Remastered Review

December 29th, 2010 by

Broken Sword 2 was originally released in 1997 for PC and Playstation. Recently, the original Broken Sword was released for IOS devices back in September, and now Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror has it’s comeback, fully remastered 13 years later.

You’re put in the shoes of George Stobbart, who frankly is a bit of a dick. His character is smug and so up himself. I honestly wanted to pop him one in the face sometimes.
The game opens with his girlfriend being kidnapped, and him locked into a room tied to a chair and the room’s on fire. So as you can see our jolly fellow is in a bit of a predicament. The rest of the story seems like it was (historically) well grounded and engaging. Hooking you with it’s detective-esque plot is possibly the strongest element to this game, with the player unravelling the provenance of his girlfriend’s kidnapping. It takes you to a myriad of places and just keeps on going deeper and deeper. However one weak point of this is the game’s main couple. George and Nico (who are apparently an item) show next to no compassion for each other and a kind of unfounded, baseless romance.  However other than that the protagonist is a complete smug fecker and seemingly had a girlfriend for no reason, the story is well grounded and will take you on a journey all around the world.

Look at that smug bastard, sunglasses and all.

The touch controls on the Remastered version are pretty precise, with it being a point and click adventure this is pretty important. You eventually escape the room using the ingenious items system, which is used to solve the puzzles in the game. You can explore points of interest and garner items from your findings, eventually you will come to use these items to help you/further you in some way. In addition to this you can combine items to create a hybrid to help you within that context. This works pretty fantastic. And there is a voice clip for something you get wrong while combination (Unfortunately my combo of laced panties with whiskey didn’t work) and George blurts out a massive “THAT WON’T WORK!” or simply “NOPE” I had a few laughs with this as the dude is in a room that’s on fire, and he’s just kinda sat there talking to himself. The controls are not always precise, there were times when I would click on a point of interest, then our dear George would walk over to another point of interest.  So the gameplay itself lends itself well to what it is, works and is pretty ingenious with the whole item combination to solve the puzzles presented to you.

Nicholas Cage even makes a guest appearance!

The game features facial animations akin to motion comics, these work extremely well. With almost all characters having these animations, it gives the game a certain emotional depth to it. This is a nice addition to the Remastered version, it gives the game a nice “HD” look to it. Unfortunately, the character animation on the backgrounds do not hold up so well. The characters look disjointed and painfully “separate” from the backgrounds. While the animation itself was fantastic, the character models were pixelated and could have been redrawn for this Remaster. It’s a painfully obvious thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. This is a huge detriment for me because this game is supposed to be a remaster, to cater to this generation’s standard.
Music in this game is really nice, with tracks coinciding with environments and cultures. Other than that, I can’t really say that much about it aside from it’s pretty good and fits. Overall this game is good for what it is, but feels dated, for a remastered version the graphics feel lackluster and does not fill my expectations for a “remastered” version of a game. The Puzzle and Item mechanics are fantastically done, and still holds up for today. The emotion of the characters do not really come through and it feels very robotic, which is a shame because the story is fantastic and will keep you engaged the whole playthrough.
MLG Rating: 7/10

Platform: iOS devices

Disclosure: The title was reviewed over the course of 10 days on an iPhone. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.

MLG Rating: 7/10

2 Responses to “Broken Sword II : The Smoking Mirror Remastered Review”
  1. avatar Deadlegends says:

    The First Broken Sword is now free on the App Store! go get it!

  2. avatar windjunky says:

    I’m glad I played the originals before they butchered them with re-mastering. Loved the humour of the Broken Sword series. They’re not too expensive on Steam and the free iPhone Broken Sword app offer is just for today. I played it on iPod touch a few months ago and I’m glad to say it’s converted really well.

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