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Avatar’s Rock Review

December 22nd, 2010 by

Avatar’s Rock has come along at a very good time for such frivolity. It’s Christmas after all and easy to drop into party games are all the rage. Avatar’s Rock feels less like a game and more like a tech demo though. A cool tech demo but lacking in content to make it truly worth a look.

What you see is exactly what you get when you first load Avatar’s Rock. You’re in a room that’s rather reminiscent of the setting for the Dreaming of You – The Coral video:


Four avatars feature here as part of a band, one of them being yours. The point? To play whichever instrument you feel like. The music itself is pretty grungy and unfortunately forgettable. It is however fun to play the instruments, at least for five minutes.

The most fun is garnered from using the Rock Band or Guitar Hero controllers. You can use the drums or guitar, although there’s no ability to use the microphone part of this arrangement. Playing the instruments is exactly the same as in Rock Band or Guitar Hero, the only difference being that you can just jam. You don’t have to keep in time with anything, you can just mess around. You can use the Xbox controller to do this but obviously it’s nowhere near as fun as if you’re strumming with a guitar. Besides playing the instruments, you can also adjust the lighting effects and set off pyro effects. Again, fun for a brief second.

In terms of enjoyment, I gained the same amount of enjoyment from watching the series of help videos as I did actually ‘playing’ the game. They’re brilliant little sequences made up of simple, hand-drawn animations. They remind me of something from Art Attack years ago but the style is really entertaining.

The sense of humour is clearly there with Avatar’s Rock and there is some fun to be had with throwing different avatars into the melee. However it is a little simplistic for 240 points. You’ll only play it for a short time before quickly tiring of its brief charm. For a cheaper amount, I’d recommend it as a mindless distraction when with drunken friends at a party. 240 points can buy you some great quality on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace though and this just doesn’t have enough content to be worth acquiring above all other titles.

3 Responses to “Avatar’s Rock Review”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Does the game let you play a music track from your HD or an MP3 player so you can jam along with?

  2. avatar Anthony Bate says:

    Pass, but please find the official link for the game underneath:


  3. avatar Jen says:

    It doesn’t which is a shame as that would have made it much more attractive!

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