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Review-gasm: Fable III

October 26th, 2010 by

Since its inception, the blockbuster “Fable” franchise has offered players the opportunity to choose their own destinies as a hero, villain or someone between, where the possibilities are limitless and the consequences can weigh heavily on the path to greatness.

In this new adventure, players will witness tyranny, poverty and injustice plague their land. They will see a people divided, and they will be compelled to stand up for change. They will also be forced to answer a question: What would you sacrifice to secure the crown of Albion? Will you uphold the values and principles that led to your ascension, or will you be corrupted by the station you’ve strived to acquire? Will you be a monarch of the people, or bring the entirety of Albion to the brink of collapse?

In the epic story of Fable III, the journey to rule the throne of Albion begins five decades after the events of the last chapter, and you play as the child of your hero from Fable II. As you rule your kingdom as king or queen, you will be called upon to make choices and sacrifices that will test your morality and can affect your entire kingdom. Themes of heroism, leadership and consequence are taken to a grand scale as you fight to unite a divided people.

Here’s a selection of reviews.

CVG (9.2/10): “It’s the most structurally solid Fable game Lionhead’s ever made. And the simplicity of its overlay has allowed the studio’s talented team to go wild, conjuring up some truly creative quests – and by ‘eck are they entertaining. Playing through the main story and its many side objectives is a genuine joy. In just an hour’s sampling you’ll see more originality and humour than most games manage in an afternoon session.”

Game Informer (9/10): “Even after you “beat” the game, new quests, locations, and characters open up. And those decisions you made as king? They’ll affect the way the world looks and behaves, too… From raising a family, becoming a land baron, and even partnering up with friends locally or online, this is the most fully realized version of Albion yet.”

IGN UK (8.5/10): “It has its shortcomings — a few technical bugs occasionally rear their ugly faces and the disjointed design stunts some of the more emotional moments — but all told it’s a great game that is well worth your time and money. This is a massive game, and yet it remains accessible to gamers of all skill levels. That in itself is a pretty special achievement. Tack on a solid combat system, an immersive world, and decisions with real consequences, and you’ve got a game that just about anybody can enjoy.”

GiantBomb (3/5): “Fable III does a great job reprising the elements you expect from the Fable series. The colorful, sprawling lands to explore, the great flexibility in how you develop your character and make your way through the world, the wonderfully dry sense of humor, and the cockeyed view of fantasy tradition are all here and accounted for. It’s just the rough trimming around the edges, the ways that those grand elements could have been better realized and better conveyed to the player, that make this as frustrating a game as it is lovable.”

Platform: Xbox 360 Release Date: 29th October 2010

4 Responses to “Review-gasm: Fable III”
  1. avatar David Murphy says:


  2. Not sure what you mean David, even in all caps which I understand is the way cool thing to do.
    Have you never experienced one of our Review-gasms before?
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting though. Stay Classy!

  3. avatar David Murphy says:

    I don’t know if “all caps” is the cool thing now, I’m not down with the kids anymore. I do know it’s NOT cool when your phone sticks the shift key without you realising. The lack of an edit or delete comment feature also makes for a most embarrassing posting faux pas.

    In explanation to the comment itself, Fable 3 is a title I have been contemplating purchasing but as of yet am still undecided. When I saw the link on twitter I thought “Hot diggedy damn! Those crazy cats over a MLG bagged themselves a rather tasty promotional copy.” I was excited to hear the views of a regular gamer rather than some industry guff full of buzz words like “structurally solid, fully realized, etc.) Having arrived and finding the article nothing more than, what seemed to me to be a rehashed press release with some reviews tacked on the end I was disappointed and a tad irked hence the facetious remark (admittedly made to look worse by the LOUD WRITING)
    I have never experienced one of you “gasm” features before. I shall keep a steely eye out for future gasm-esque titles and make sure to shun them, so to avoid any possible pangs of unfulfillment.

    As in everyday life I shall endeavour to be truthful. I shall leave the class and any adjectives thereof to your blessed selves.

    Yours graciously,
    David Murphy Esq.

  4. avatar Thesir says:


    Moving on, the big words and flashy terms all boil down to my general reception of Fable 3. It’s a solid game if you like the Fable franchise. The lack of a HUD in a game that used to scream “Your health is low” at you is admittedly a bit jarring at first and takes some getting used to. Similarly, the tighter controls are almost too tight compared to Fable 2′s floaty feel of disjointed lag.

    I spent my first couple hours of messing about with Fable 3 in awe of how spot-on the game was to Peter Molyneux’s hype before I realized the game’s tragic downfall. The multiplayer that was hailed as the greatest thing in the game underperformed substantially for me in the area of a lack of single-console, single-profile, multi-Hero support. I was also disappointed at the lack of a splitscreen mode that was promised and not even remotely delivered.

    Overall, however, Fable 3 is worth at least a rent for people who enjoy a good romp through a fantasy world filled with strife and corruption and definitely worth the money for a Fable franchise fan. If I had to rate it out of 10, it would definitely be up with the general average of about 8 or 9. Hope that’s maybe a better review for those who distrust the vile world of video game website reviews like Mr. Murphy.

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