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Babeorella Review

March 27th, 2010 by

For some, crash landing on an asteroid populated with endless waves of crazed robots and possessed pizza cutters while dressed in only a skimpy outfit, would be a bad day. However Babeorella comes fully equipped to handle the task on the iPhone & iPod Touch with enough fire-power to destroy a small moon.

Hot on the heels of ‘South Park Tower Defence: Let’s go!’ developer doublesix continue their gaming philosophy of ‘have another go’ with this very addictive and rewarding mobile experience.

The game play consists of our heroine Babeorella fighting through wave after wave of increasingly varied and powerful enemies while all of the time earning experience to power up one of her five attributes on the fly.  One tap of the screen allows you to cash in the sum of your efforts to upgrade either your close, medium or long range attacks, health or additional blonde bombs.

Controls are simple, effective but most of all, don’t get in the way of the action.  Placed at the bottom left of the screen is an analogue stick to rest one thumb, whereas to the right consists of the three action buttons. The actions are light attack, heavy attack and a context sensitive dash or smart bomb and to keep the combat interesting, the attacks are all distance sensitive. Further to this it would seem that within her bikini, Babeorella packs a number of lasers, whips and even a sledge hammer! As the combat arena start to get hectic, there are a few bonus spawn points, ranging from health boosts, additional damage or XP and bonus objectives which, if passed, give score multipliers.

Outside of the fast paced action can be found player statistics to track how well you’ve done overall, along with three groups of target achievements such as survival time and destroying numerous enemies which also rewards the player with an additional three costumes.

Considering this game is all about beating your last score, it could have benefited from Twitter or Facebook integration to issue challenges or pimp high scores to friends. Add to this that there is only the one arena in the full priced game, some players may find themselves growing tired of running around the same chunk of rock.

With only the few niggles I have, all of the classic arcade touches help to mould Babeorella into a very appealing title where games can last anywhere between 5 or 30 minutes, so strap yourself in and let Babeorella take you for a hell of a ride.

MLG Rating: 8/10
Platform: iPhone & iPod Touch  Release Date (Digital): 25/03/2010
Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were provided a copy of Babeorella for review purposes by the promoter. The title was reviewed over the course of one week on an Apple iPhone 3G. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.

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