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Midlife Gamer Review Policy

February 3rd, 2010 by

As you’ll have no doubt noticed, at the end of every official Midlife Gamer review we include certain information regarding the title. This information is as follows;

MLG Rating: X/10
Platform: X Release Date: XX/XX/XXXX
Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were provided a (physical / digital) copy of (name of game) for review purposes by the promoter. The title was reviewed over the course of (X number of days) on a (console type).

For the sake of transparency, this information can be further broken down as follows;

MLG Rating

Official reviews come with an MLG Rating, a score out of ten which should be short hand for how much we liked or disliked the game. Those scores are broken down as follows;

10: Incredible 9: Brilliant 8: Excellent 7: Great 6: Good 5: Average 4: Weak 3: Poor 2: Awful 1: Terrible 0: Worthless

Platform / Release Date

Quite simple really, we tell you what platform we played the title on and list the availability on other systems. We also tell you the UK release date.


We want you to be confident in our reviews at all times, so unlike many sites we include a disclosure to tell you everything you should know about our review process. We tell you whether the game was sent to us physically or digitally and if the title was provided by the publisher / promoter. We’ll also tell you how much time we spent with the game and on which type of system (for example: a DS Lite as opposed to a Dsi) we played it on. If we reviewed the title under abnormal conditions, such as visiting a developer to play the entirety of the title there, this is the space we’ll tell you. In addition, we have an open policy on comments, which can be made on our articles so that Midlife Gamer’s readership can share their personal experience on the game. If you disagree, we want to know why. If you think we’re spot on, leave us a message.

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