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Midlife Gamer Podcast 245 – Home Invasion

November 2nd, 2015 by

IMG_2976Four guys, one love.

What have we been playing

In this special show, we descend upon the sea-side resort of Woolacombe for sun, sea, surf and podcasting with two very special guests. Huge thanks to Rohan Molligoda and Trond Mjøs for helping to make the magic happen!


From left to right: Daren, Rohan, Trond, Matt.



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5 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Podcast 245 – Home Invasion”
  1. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    Just listened to the podcast and felt the need to write a little story.

    Someone has to tell the origin story of the PZIIJ Battle of Tai and Prince as it truely happened…

    So let me introduce myself, I am Oli from Germany for Midlife Gamer, and back in the days I was a hugh fan of the wireless mouse.
    I just couldn´t bare the feeling of a cable constantly pulling on my mouse. We are talking early World of Warcraft days.
    I enjoyed the “naked freedom”, as one could discribe it, that a wireless mouse gives You. So, I´ve been using those for years.
    Fast forward to the near future, I started playing this game called World of Tanks and somehow got Daren to give it a short look…and he became my Clan Leader,
    and a better player, and has far more battles now than me, but still crys like a baby when I steal his kills…but that is another story…
    So as we stared to play more and more and ventured into our Friday Teambattles, our competitive sides came out slowly but surely.
    We upgraded from our “Team Visa” Tier 8 Premium Tanks to proper IS-3 Tier 8 grindpants tanks, which were the tank to have at that time,
    cause EVERYONE hat those, oh and we lost to them all the time. We were also talking about input devices and those poor lefthand bastards with thier unnatural setup and inhuman controls…
    …well I am drifting away again sorry…so where was I…Yes, Tepic it was all his fault! He had been taunting me for weeks that me using a wireless mouse
    in a “shooter” or “anything with aiming” is not acceptable and below any superior German standards. I told him again and again that he can shove his Pro-Cable Mouses
    and that I would NEVER EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEVER get one of those filthy things. Cause I did not want / I did not need a cable mouse and to be fair we all know: It´s not the hardware,
    but the man behind the mouse with that awesome superior German skill and that beautiful stong body and handsome features that does make the diffrence.
    Well that was until Wargaming cooperated with Razor and released a Razor Black Adder World of Tanks themed cable mouse with a code/key to a ultra rare ever before seen premium tank called Pz.Kpfw IV hydrostat.
    So, as I said before cable mouses, are THE BEST and prefered way to play games like World of Tanks and what a coincidence that Razor Black Adder just fitted right into my planings.
    So I orded one. Redeemed the code. And never told Tepic that he was right all along and I never will, I am German, I got a reputation to lose.
    The End? Stop this story was about Tai and Prince and that epic battle? Well the thing is I got two PCs, one at “Schloss Oli” my single flat and one at Ms Oli.
    And what can I say…once I had that mouse on the one PC and had tasted the sweetness of a proper gaming mouse, I just could not bare not having it on the other.
    So the logical conclusion was to get a second one. And I did. Now I had a key for a Pz.Kpfw IV hydrostat spare and I could just redeemed it for a few extra gold(you get the ingame vaule for a premium tank, if You already own it),
    but that did not even cross my mind. Not for such a rare tank. That would be SACRILEGE. I could have sold it on ebay. But I´m not that kind of guy.
    So I had a talk with my clan leader, Daren. We just had successfully talked people into buying a PzIIj – a rediculous expensive and(back in the day) ultra rare overpowered tank.
    And I told him my idea: Whoever has gone so balls deep to buy a PzIIj has shown that he truely is a collector. So he deserves that key I got spare.
    I knew Tai had just bought one and I was on the verge of giving it to him, when Daren told me: Well Prince has just bought one too, didn´t You know? I didn´t.
    So we had two people. Both deserving. So we decided there could only be one way to decide a winner.

    A PzIIj match.

    TO THE DEATH! *que Startrek fight music*

    The rest is history.

    This was Oli from Germany for Midlife Gamer

  2. avatar Tai says:

    Great story Oli! And a generous offering to the clan when you put the Hydrostat up as a prize. Shame i didnt win but i guess it went to a good home. A home with Pizzas! Pizza`;-)


  3. avatar PR1NC3 says:

    Mighty grateful I am too. Was one of the highlights and all those great Fri night team battles. They must return this winter.

  4. avatar Kingers says:

    Great story Oli and a great podcast episode, I hesitate to say the best ever because that would belittle the achievement of the preceding ton and a gross… so let’s just say it was one of the best, well done all on getting together and staying sober long enough to hit record.

    Oh and keeping playing Life Is Strange, I’ve just finished chapter 5 and want to hear what you have to say about it.


  5. avatar Sacked Matt says:

    Loved the episode too. Might be worth experimenting on including some community members in occasional shows like that, seeing if it works without the logistical nightmares of getting to one place.

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