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Midlife Gamer Podcast 211 – Grind Pants

February 6th, 2014 by

grind pants GBD

or: Douche: Matt’s feeling flush and treats himself

What have we been playing

Matt embraces the future with new tech, Killzone Shadowfall, Don’t Starve, Outlast, Live from PlayStation, Warframe, War Thunder, Rogue Legacy, Super Mario 3D World, Serena, The Ship and unsurprisingly… World of Tanks.

In the news

Xbox One gets its first system update, Assassin’s Creed DLC being released as a standalone title, Watch Dogs trademark removal fears, Sony reveal their official wireless headset, Games with Gold updates, and Xbox One rumours, South Park pre orders available on Steam, Forza 5 gets additional content, rumours of Halo 2 anniversary for the Xbox One and Sony emulating PS1 & 2 titles on the PS4, Nintendo looking to bring DS virtual console games to the Wii U, Borderlands 2 getting even more DLC and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming to Europe.

Soundtrack of our gaming lives

In this episode, Baron von Pleb selects a classic cut from the GTA V soundtrack.

In addition you get the usual suspects; Retail Roundup, New Releases, DLC, and the Sexy Quiz.


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4 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Podcast 211 – Grind Pants”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    Matt: Chuggy Xbox 360. Guess I will be stuck with my 360 for a while longer. Enjoy your PS 4. Another great podcast.

  2. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Thanks again guys for bringing a little bit of sunshine into this wet and windy weekend.

    I love laughing out loud in public places thanks to you pair. I pissed my knickers in my local GAME store.
    Bravo Matt for doing one single thing for 90 minutes,… ;)

  3. avatar Bravhorn says:

    Brilliant made a rainy journey on the m42 very very funny love it keep it up lads

  4. avatar onedarksamurai says:

    About two episodes ago matt leaf us with a cliffhanger that was on par with Han solo being frozen in carbonite. I waited for two weeks with baited breath , my mind wondering what exciting news he had held back, it turned out he had been playing bejeweled. I was so dumbfounded at the banal reveal, that I nearly veered off a cliff edge into a 200 ft vertical drop. In a similar vein to the crystal meth inducing TV series ‘Lost’ after witnessing a second episode I thought, I am never going to trust this chuffing tosh again.

    However after todays episode Matt came back out the jungle with a crazy look in his eye…. and then some – in a hail AK 47 gun fire and a wake of napalm he was back on top with a PS4 strapped to his chest, and I felt guilty for even having that evil thought enter my head. The endless hours of hilarity you have given us for free and the time and energy you guys put in, you make me look forward to my weekly 8 hr commute. Thanks so much, keep up the good work we love you for it.

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