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Midlife Gamer Podcast 185 – Super Hard-On

January 15th, 2013 by

New Year. New console. Same bromance!

What have we been playing

Matt embarks on his adventure in Pandora with Borderlands 2, and gushes wildly over DmC: Devil May Cry.

Daren journeys to Middle Earth with Lego Lord of the Rings, welcomes a Wii U into his console family, plays ZombiU, Nintendo Land and breaks the seal on Super Mario Galaxy 2. Finally he goes down the funny farm with Hay Day on iOS.

In the news

Future tech from CES including a Steam type box and NVIDIA Project Shield, Microsoft counting down to this year’s E3, THQ auction off their IPs,┬áPlay.com┬áreverting to a market place service, Lego Marvel Superheroes in development, Elite: Dangerous reaches its Kickstarter goal, Alien Breed getting a remake, Serious Sam DD XXL gets a release date and Twitter offers clues to the next Fallout.

Soundtrack of our gaming lives

In this episode, BeanEdge chooses a medley of music from Castlevania on the NES.

In addition you get the usual suspects; Retail Roundup, New Releases, DLC, and the Sexy Quiz.


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4 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Podcast 185 – Super Hard-On”
  1. avatar originaljohn says:

    I done the Wii to WiiU transfer process twice. For my Wii and my good ladies.
    Watched the pikmin video twice.

  2. avatar BeanEdge says:

    Awesome show guys. Great start to the new year. Matt even said name right once in the show! Although I could tell the disappointment in his voice when he found out I’ve been playing Hay Day!

    Cheers for playing the full SOOGL and telling the story so well. A couple of minor differences from the email, but hey I’m just glad to be a part of the show along with the community!

    Great to hear Daren’s views on the WiiU. I really wasn’t sure about the second screen on the controller or the weight so it’s good to get an open and honest opinion on the hardware.

    Looking forward to the next show guys.

  3. avatar beefkr10z says:

    I don’t have a WiiU, but when I did the 3DS to 3DSXL transfer, i also got some Pikmin love!

    As for retiring the Wii, I’d keep it active purely for the ability to play Gamecube games in 480p (trust me, a 480p cable for the Wii costs a damn sight less than the GC one, and GC’s look pants on HDTV’s through scart).

    Kudos to BeanEdge for the Castlevania story- It was the first game I bought on my NES, and I still love the (2D) franchise to this day.

  4. avatar beefkr10z says:

    Ok, One more Pikmin vid!

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