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The Year of Shame Podcast September – The Journey Begins

September 12th, 2012 by

Welcome to the September 2012 Episode of the Year of Shame Challenge Podcast .

This month your hosts Darren (D5120), Jason (JayceStokes) and Simon (SiStevens) welcome you to the warm bosom that is the Year of Shame Challenge.

The guys discuss their gaming history and style and why exactly they are in this mess in the first place – although I’m not sure anyone will be able to explain how Si’s pile got so big – whilst laying down some ground rules for the challenge and how they are tweaking the challenge personally.

The community becomes a big part of the challenge with the monthly shout-outs for all new challengers and the YOS Question Time before their fate for October is put in the hands of all Midlife Gamers in the Year of Shame “Just Play It” vote.

The boys wrap up with how they are getting involved in the Pile of Win for Games Aid.

As promised in the show, the boys completion spread sheet can be found here

A big thank you to Foxhounder01 who designed the Year of Shame Challenge graphics.

We really appreciate feedback so tell us what you thought of the show or expand on anything we discussed by leaving a comment.

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We are also pleased to announce that it is possible to subscribe to us two different ways.

Method 1 – You can also subscribe and pick it up on iTunes by clicking the image.

Method 2 – You can also subscribe to the Year of Shame RSS feed: http://yoschallenge.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/2


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10 Responses to “The Year of Shame Podcast September – The Journey Begins”
  1. avatar JayceStokes says:

    Cant wait to hear/read/see the reactions to this. I can see it being a hard slog in a few months :(

  2. Great work chaps – can’t wait to follow you over the next 12 months

  3. avatar foxhounder01 says:

    Great podcast. I can’t wait to hear the mental breakdown over the coming months. It’s going to be great :) Keep up the great work. BTW I feel very proud to have you guys use my character designs for the logo. That means I get another joker right? ;)

  4. avatar PAiNJUNKiE666 says:

    You are all better men than me. There’s no way I could do this. Good luck gents. May you all find the strength to make it through to next year :)

  5. avatar RichieRich says:

    Great idea guys! I cant quite believe how many games you all have on your pile of shame! I don’t think I’ve got anywhere as many but actually… I should go count them.

  6. avatar Dippy Dolittle says:

    589 Games on a single pile of shame? WTF!

  7. avatar DigitalPariah says:

    I know Im partly to blame for why Si’s pile got so big :D

    Im forever sitting opposite him at work, asking him “how could you not have played that?” or “thats cheap for such an amazing game”.

    Yes, its true. I am a bad influence on one of these game-a-holics.

    So, to make amends, I also threw my hat into the ring, and I will be trying to whittle down my POS alongside you guys (Im about par with Jayce)

    Best of luck guys. Just over two weeks and counting…

  8. avatar MaGe1974 says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast, fellas. With your untiring support I’m sure the YoS community will get through the year. A little bruised, a little battered but ultimately with more shelf / HDD space :)

  9. avatar SiStevens says:

    great to hear your comments and thoughts guys. don’t forget to place your vote on the forum post for the Just Play It section.
    fox – no you can’t have an extra joker
    dippy – thats the team collective pile, you had me worried for a minute
    digi – partly?

  10. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Fabulous first show fellas and a wonderful insight into what it must be like to have a mountainous menagerie of games!
    Keep up the good work….looking forward to how this progresses throughout the year!

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