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Midlife Gamer Late to the Party: Borderlands

April 4th, 2012 by

It’s been a while since Bayonetta. I know you’ve all been eagerly anticipating the Borderlands podcast. Well we finally recorded it and uploaded it. Welcome to Late to the Party: Borderlands.

After two months, Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett (Baron Von Pleb) are here to talk about Borderlands.

We loved it and so did the community. The cell shaded aesthetic helped give it a unique identity and the RPG looting and level elements made it highly compelling.

This month’s recording features guest appearances from Derek McRoberts (DigitalPariah) and Jason Currie (currierox), in our community interview section. You can also read some more of their Borderlands adventures, with GoddTodd and Brother Brown joining their ranks, over on the forums.

If you’d like to be interviewed for our next Late to the Party recording, then be sure to join in the forum post of the next game (which will be announced later this week) and below in the comments. Perhaps we’ll be in touch.

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Direct Download.

This month’s winners are Cynical Hunter and MaGe1974. Both created brilliant diary entries of their adventures. Check them out below.

Logs of Cynical “the vault” Hunter: Day 1

Why the fuck do we still use Buses? I spent six hours on that goddamn tin can and it stunk like hell. I was sat close to the front and behind me there was some sort of gimp, a woman entering different dimensions – which begged the question why was she on the bus? – and a man who appeared to be chewing on plastic explosive and smelled of meat. The driver himself was no saint either. He spent half the time aggressively flirting with the girl and calling a certain “Scooter” a shiftless jerk. Needless to say I was not enjoying my time on the bus and I was only too happy to get off at a settlement called Fyrestone.

My arrival at Fyrestone did not go unnoticed and a small robot who called himself “Claptrap” greeted me and was initially helpful but his personality soon grated on my patience. The minute the robot opened a gate a band of raiders began assaulting the town and my homicidal tendencies were called into play. I don’t remember much of the battle that ensued but I came out unscathed but wondering to myself “If I’m a professional soldier of fortune why did I come here with such crap gear?”

My thoughts were interrupted by meeting a certain “Dr ZED” this man’s medical qualifications are pretty questionable at best with me finding him whaling on corpse with an axe. ZED sent me on a few menial tasks to repair a vending machine – seriously I’m a professional killer and I’m now repairing vending machines! – while getting parts for Claptrap who was fatally wounded. Believing this to be my chance to get some peace and quiet finally but alas some holographic women begged me to save the bot, never one to leave a pretty women in the lurch I saved the annoying pest to annoy for another day. I think I’ll try to find somewhere to sleep for tonight. When does the sun go down here?


Several days since my low-key arrival, I’m finding out just how lawless this rock is and why Pandora is such an apt name. Pandora’s Vault or Pandora’s box? Guess I should have read the small print on this adventure. Not sure if I’ll like what I find inside even if I ever track down that mystical vault.

Spent the afternoon collecting a series of journals, recorded by a missing scientist who came to this lousy planet looking for answers. What she did find took care of all of her team. By the time I’d listened to her last piece, recorded 6 months in, I’d lost all hope of ever finding her alive. Don’t want to spoil it for other aspiring vault hunters but it mentioned the last of her team, a ‘big boned’ lady by the name of Chimay, getting pinned under an awful lot of heavy metal. Turns out this scientist tried to enjoy talking to the mangled soon to be ex-Chimay whilst she uttered her last painful, blood spitting groans, as she knew this would be the last meaningful conversation she’d have for a while.

This planet really gets in your head. Must start training my trusty Bloodwing to rip off my head if I ever start acting that loopy.

Better get some rest. Another loooong day in Paradise Pandora tomorrow and I’m only just recovering from my tussle in the dust with Marley and Moe…


You can find more episodes of Late to the Party here.

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2 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Late to the Party: Borderlands”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Great show ladies. Wonderful articulation*, great production and super punctuation through the show.

    This game for me took around 8 months to complete with my gaming buddy, whom I meet up with for some bromance and play split screen for a couple of hours each week or so.
    Our biggest issue? Fucking vertical split screen!

    Good to see HORIZONTAL split screen as an option in Borderlands 2 as well as the awesome option to take the splitscreen co-op ONLINE and play with others.

    *Continuous Continuum

  2. avatar Trash71 says:

    Loved the ep, but then I love the game so not hard to like. I’m still playing Borderlands now, despite hitting the level cap. Just trying to get one of every type of elemental gun in gold or above.

    My gamer buddy and I also get together once a week for some split screen bromance, but actually like the vertical split ( don’t we all?). Only time its a bit crap is in the shop menus.

    Anyway, good to see Borderlands still get some love! Bring on the sequel!

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