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Midlife Gamer Late to the Party Podcast

November 17th, 2011 by

Welcome to the Late to the Party Podcast section. Here you can download every podcast we’ve ever recorded. From our humble beginnings to our awesome current.

Be sure to share you thoughts with us on the front page post’s comments section and get involved via Twitter @midlifegamernet using the #MidlifeLTTP and via the forums.

Late to the Party: Borderlands

Broadcast date: 04th April 2012

Late to the Party: Bayonetta

Broadcast date: 19th January 2012

Game of the Month Podcast – Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Broadcast date: 17th December 2011

Game of the Month Podcast – Batman: Arkham Asylum

Broadcast date: 17th November 2011

Game of the Month Audio DLC: Assassin’s Creed

Broadcast date: 15th October 2011

Game of the Month Audio DLC: Mirrors Edge

Broadcast date: 14th September 2011

Game of the Month Audio DLC: Overlord

Broadcast date: 15th August 2011

Game of the Month Audio DLC: WET

Broadcast date: 10th July 2011

Game of the Month Audio DLC: The Darkness

Broadcast date: 30th May 2011

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