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Game of the Month Audio DLC: Mirrors Edge

September 14th, 2011 by

Welcome to August’s Game of the Month Audio DLC, where Kyle Brown (Discobeaver), Neale Jarett (Baron Von Pleb) and Greg Giddens discuss Mirrors Edge.

There were different levels of love for the title but the consensus is positive. Mirrors Edge’s originality and style won all of us over.

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Our first winner for a Copy of September’s Game of the Month, Assassin’s Creed, was The Defiant Biscuit. Congratulations to him and you can all enjoy his wonderful, winning comment below:

I haven’t played this in a while but I absolutely loved it when the game first came out. It was one of those titles (much like Bioshock and Mass Effect) that I ignored during the preview stages only to have it hit me like a bullet train upon release. I remember looking at early screenshots without much interest but afterwards ended up getting the soundtrack, the comics and even a runner bag like the ones in the game. I still watch the E3 trailer from time to time, the sound of Faith’s footsteps and breathing leading into the fantastic soundtrack is just amazing.

What impressed me most was the design, or lack of it at first, with no health, map or compass on the screen. You’d think this would make things more difficult but far from it, the absence of a HUD was a great companion to the white, crisp clear visuals of the rooftops. Like the game world around you it felt like a blank canvass just waiting for your exploration with no set path or specific rules to follow. The world was yours, just you and the city before you, it’s called free running for a reason and a HUD would have surly ruined that illusion.

But more impressive still was that despite the stark visuals (which fitted well with the totalitarian theme of the game) and lack of instruction, there was a very clever system to guide you in the form of red objects. A red door, a red pipe, a red ladder all served as instruction on where to proceed without having to hold your hand and take you there. It’s no mistake that Faith’s shoes and gloves are also red, these act as visual cues for the player to look from the character to the gaming world around them, creating a visual path so to speak. The fact that at times these red paths were purely optional was even more proof of the clever design behind the game. Yes you could follow them if you wanted to but that was only by your choice. As I said, the visuals were clean and pure, and it felt as if the world was yours to navigate as you saw fit.

While the plot was basic it somehow reminded me of a 90s action movie with the rebels (in this case the runners) going up against The Man with some added intrigue and betrayal thrown into the mix. The ending, as the camera pans out, had me smiling from ear to ear. The lack of shooting (or at least forced shooting) was a refreshing change but another winner for me was how the main protagonist Faith was portrayed. How refreshing it was to see a video game Asian female that wasn’t overly sexualised or made to feel like the token martial arts character. In fact I don’t even think her ethnicity made a difference which made for a great change from all those old stereotypes we have been seeing (and still continue to do so) over the years. She was a runner, vulnerable to bullets and falls, just like a normal person would be.

Mirror’s Edge was an overlooked gem, a real interesting take on first person action and a breath of fresh air into the stale genres that saturate the market. Bring on the sequel please if you’re brave enough.


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2 Responses to “Game of the Month Audio DLC: Mirrors Edge”
  1. avatar Hjels says:

    Loved the podcast this month, guys. Sounds like you getting into the flow of things.

    I’ll grab some screens from the PC version later today, so you can gaze upon them and wheep at their beauty. If it comes up again, by the way, I’m norwegian, and my name is pronounced the same way you’d say the word “yells”. Easy. :-)

    Keep up the good work.

  2. avatar Discobeaver says:

    Ha Ha!

    Thanks for the comment dude, I knew it was somewhere near that part of the world. Glad we know for definate now :D

    Yeah, we getting more comfortable with the set up now. Were in the process of making some minor tweaks to future GOTM’s but any feedback is always apperciated.

    Pleased you enjoyed it.

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