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E3 2017 – PlayStation

June 13th, 2017 by

Playstation-logoMuch like the Sony presser itself; no preamble, no faff, we’re getting straight into the games.

First up we saw Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the Uncharted 4 expansion. Instead of following Nathan Drake’s calamitous country-hopping adventures, this time we’re playing as Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. Despite the change of protagonists it looks like classic Uncharted; cinematic, stunning vistas, jaw-dropping set pieces and, most importantly, lots of climbing sections where something gives way. The Lost Legacy lands on your PS4 22nd August.

Next up, Horizon Zero Dawn’s first expansion, titled The Frozen Wilds. As the title suggests, it’s seemingly set in the frostbitten northern region, with an ominous, smoke-billowing mountain as the centrepiece. Horizon Zero Dawn has easily been one of my favourite games of this year, so I’m so excited to be spending more time with Aloy, plus taking the inevitable 3,186 pictures in photo mode.

Moving swiftly on, Bend Studio’s Days Gone got another airing. Not had enough zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic games yet? Great, because here’s another! Snark side, it’s another beautiful looking game in PlayStation’s upcoming arsenal. It does look like it *cough* borrows elements from a few others games and there are some questions about how reliant it’ll be on QTEs, but it’s certainly an intriguing proposition to keep an eye on. Also featured what was seemingly a zombie bear so I’m on board no matter what.

After the obligatory Shawn Layden “2017’s been a belter, hasn’t it?” speech, the first ever showing of Monster Hunter World. The game will support up to four-player co-op “in a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system which allows cross-region cooperative play between Japan and the West”. Monster Hunter World is planned for early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox, with PC coming later on.

Shadow Of The Colossus came next, which is a remaster of the PS3 game which is a remaster of the PS2 game. Re-remaster? Whatever it is, it’s a stunning looking piece of work that’ll find a good home on the PlayStation 4. I did note it’s being done by Bluepoint, who’ve made their name as porting specialists with some very solidly done projects in the past.

Thundering along, we’ve got Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. My days of fighting games began and ended with Street Fighter 2 on the SNES and I’ve now regressed to the level of ‘hit everything on the pad and pray’ so I’ll give this one a hard pass, but it’s good timing for both parties, especially with interest in Marvel properties currently at an all time high and what feels like two comic book movies per week. Not long to wait if you’re interested, it lands 19th September.

Call Of Duty: WWII took to the stage next. COD gets some stick, but I’m pretty interested in this iteration. I’m glad we’ve moved away from the futuristic setting and wall running, like some sub-par Titanfall. Shitenfall, if you will. 3rd November for those for want to get stuck into an ‘authentic WWII experience’, minus the trench foot.

The rumours of the death of VR have been seemingly greatly exaggerated, with no less than 10 titles announced over the course of E3 so far. Sony showed a few themselves, starting with Skyrim VR which, I won’t lie, I didn’t see coming at all. I’m a huge fan of VR so I’m certainly interested in this, although the idea of spending 100+ hours in VR fills me with a preemptive mixture of nausea and headaches.

MORE VR. Star Child is on the way to PSVR. In a bit of a departure what what we normally see, it seems to be a side scrolling platformer, but I got the impression the environment is on quite a large scale. Could make for quite a visual feast.

EVEN MORE VR. Supermassive Games revealed The Inpatient, a prequel to Until Dawn. Horror and VR are one of those perfect matches, and Until Dawn was one of my surprise hits of a few years ago. Consider me interested and already terrified.

YES MORE VR. Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV. Yes, it’s a VR Final Fantasy XV fishing game. No, I don’t know why this is a thing. It’s out in September. That’s all I’ve got.

YES EVEN MORE VR. More from Supermassive Games, who seem to really dig VR. This one is Bravo Team, and it’s looks like a team based shooter. It was a brief team, but I’m a fan of shooty shooty bang bang.

Right, just assume these are all VR until I say so, OK? Moss was up next. Looks like an action adventure type thing, with you as a pretty adorable sword-wielding rodent. LOOK AT THE EARS ON IT.

They’ve stopped the VR. Unbelieveable. Anyway, God Of War 4. Sony are NAILING these cinematic action adventure games right now, so this is pretty high up on my ever-increasing list of stuff I’m excited about. I’m pretty on board for some gratuitous ultra violence too, especially after reading E3 hot takes for a few days. Early 2018 for this one.

Quantick Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human is back for another showing. David Cage’s games could be generously described as Marmite, but I’m a big fan of them. I’m also a fan of Marmite. Often technologically stunning but considered less accomplished in terms of gameplay, it’ll be interesting to see if Cage has put together something a bit more palatable for the masses.

DESTINY 2 YAAAAAAAAY! Sorry, I must compose myself. I am, admittedly, ‘quite fond’ of Destiny, so I can’t wait for this. The big news here is that release has been brought forwards a few days, and now lands 6th September. In less positive news, PlayStation players will again get access to a few platform exclusive things, including one Exotic, one multiplayer map, and one Strike. Bit rubbish for everyone else but, look on the bright side, it’s a Taken-themed Strike and they’re undeniably the most annoying enemies in the game.

We closed the main event with Spider-man, which looks like the mutt’s nuts. It’s been a long, long time since we had a good Spider-man game, so I’m crossing every available appendage that this delivers. Luckily, with Insomniac at the helm, it’s got a developer with pedigree behind it.

As an aside, there was a pre-show event where Sony showed a good few extra game, including the inevitable game of the year, Knack 2, a bunch of indie titles, plus their new PlayLink concept. Well worth checking out the YouTube channel.


E3 2017 should be seen as a consolidation of Sony’s position in this generation. They didn’t need to go over the top and put everything out on show, instead focussing on a few key things whilst still holding enough back for shows later in the year. It wasn’t spectacular but it certainly was a solid showing, and 2018 is looking exceedingly bright for players in the PlayStation ecosystem.

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