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E3 2017 – Bethesda

June 12th, 2017 by

e3 beth 001After last years outing, where Bethesda knocked it out of the park with their inaugaral show, there was a lot of expectation for this years offerings.

Pete Hines stepped out to bring us the latest news from behind the scenes at the companies working with Bethesda.

e3 beth 002

Starting out with a cover off of the games in the last year, talking about the success of DOOM, Prey, Fallout shelter, Fallout 4 and Skyrim special edition.

Opening up the new announcements, first up was Bethesda’s confirmation that two VR games in development will be out this year. Firstly, DOOM VFR makes an appearance, and while looking graphically impressive and having some interesting ideas on movement mechanics for what appears to be a faithful rendition in the DOOM universe, it certainly seems to be one to keep an eye on.

e3 beth 003

Next up, was Fallout 4 VR, which seems to be  a more expanded experience, looking like an expansion and modification of the existing Fallout 4 game, as opposed to DOOM VFR’s apparent ground up approach, allowing gamers to explore the wasteland in full VR. That said, the focus appears at the moment to be primarily on the Vive, so whether the Occulus or even PSVR will get a look in for these games is as yet, unknown.

Moving on to their Elder scrolls universe, once again a focus has been put on the recently released Morrowind expansion for their somewhat successful free to play MMO, Elder Scrolls online and a confirmation that the Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City DLC will be coming soon. These appear to be all new expansions to the game world, HOTR in the original Tamriel map and Clockwork City below the new Morrowind landmass, I would expect these to come in at around the same price as the Wrothgar and Imperial City dlc’s that were released last year.

e3 beth 004

Bethesda then confirmed the Creation Club, featuring new first, third and fan made content that is fully compatible with the game, saves and most notably achievements. These mods will be purchasable using credits in the game itself, but as yet there has been no confirmation of exactly how these credits are earned (or bought). Coming to both Fallout 4 and Skyrim special edition it will be launching this Summer on all platforms.

For the mobile fans, they continued with the Elder Scrolls universe, confirming mobile release of the Elder Scrolls Legends CCG, alongside new story and Skyrim based content that should expand the game immensely. I for one, am looking forward to getting some CCG on the go with Legends in the next few months.

Finally on the existing games front,  Dishonored 2 DLC has you taking up arms against the mysterious overseer from the game series, in Death of the Outsider.

e3 beth 005

In new releases, Bethesda confirmed that the rather underappreciated, yet disturbingly entertaining, The Evil Within is finally getting a 2017 sequel, while Wolfenstien 2 envisions a future where the nazis have taken over the US and BJ Blazkowicz returning to aid the underground in seeding a new American Revolution. (and I swear that character was both voiced and motion captured by Woody Harrelson).

e3 beth 006

When Pete first came up to the stage, he was offering an E3 experience unlike anything else. Unfortunately, given the superb show by Microsoft earlier in the night, and Bethesdas outstanding show last year, it all just felt a little bit lacklustre in comparison.

There is certainly a lot of content coming out, but it does seem like there was a greater focus on expanding already released titles, rather than whats coming out soon. Given that everything shown is penned for 2017, Im hopeful this means that next years show will have a distinctly more future focused display, but this year it fell a bit flat.

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