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PlayStation at Paris Games Week: Trailer round up

October 28th, 2015 by

ParisZut alors! Sony have just held their first ever show at Paris Games Week and, in typical PlayStation fashion, we saw an eclectic range of games. Let’s go through the event, game by game.

We opened with Call Of Duty: Black Ops III. Love it or loathe it, COD is still a huge franchise, and Sony touted their timed exclusivity on Black Ops III map packs, which will come to Playstation 30 days before any other platform. We then saw a trailer of the Zombies Mode showing of the map ‘The Giant’.

Next up we had a new Star Wars: Battlefront trailer, this time the gameplay launch trailer, featuring characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and several other people who I’m sure are probably quite key to the whole thing, but I have absolutely no idea who they are. Some top journalism for you there. There was also another mention of the limited edition Star Wars themed PS4.

Street Fighter V! Yoshi One came out to do the presentation via a translator, and we were treated to a new trailer, showing snippets of a range of characters but focussing on Dhalsim. There was news that 6 new characters will be added over the course of the year, all free, but unlockable using in game ‘Fight Money’. Finally we got a firm release date; the game launches 16th February 2016. Not long to wait!

Harada then took the stage to announce Tekken 7. Tekken’s still a thing, apparently. Anyway, it’s the 20th anniversary and there’s going to be ‘special content’ for Playstation players. We had a trailer featuring the old games, then some brief clips of the new one.

Next up we had the definitely-a-MOBA-but-Gearbox-are-insisting-it’s-not-a-MOBA Battleborn. Whatever it is, it does look fun. The Sony-centric news is the the beta is coming first on console to PS4, and will land ‘next year’.

The next three games are all due to land in 2016. First up, Boundless. Described as a ‘huge open-world sandbox universe’ in which everyone plays in the same universe. It’s a pretty interesting looking game, and I’m hugely drawn to shared universe stuff, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

We then saw Avicii Vector. It’s a rhythm game featuring spaceships and multiplayer track creation and seen as it’s Avicii I’d rather stab my eardrums than throw any money his way, the fucking charlatan.

Next. No Man’s Sky! No, it’s not releasing today, despite and silly rumours you may have read on the internet. We did get a release date though; June 2016. You’ll excuse me if I don’t hold my breath on that. Jokes aside, we’re still no closer to understand what on earth you actually do in this game. Still, it looks pretty gorgeous and I’ll all ears when they want to tell us more.

Matterfall came next, and this is a new game from Housemarque, the developers of PS4 favourite Resogun. The trailer didn’t give much away, what with it being fully CGI, but it’s described as an arcade action game featuring an unexpected hero fighting for survival on a ravished sci-fi world infected by a mysterious and deadly alien material known only as “Smart Matter”.

Now for the return of an old-school PlayStation favourite; Ratchet and Clank! Developed by Insomniac and due out in Spring to tie in to the film’s release, the small clips of gameplay did look very exciting.

The award for ‘descriptive title of the show’ goes to DRIVECLUB BIKES which, you’ll be stunned to know, is DRIVECLUB but with BIKES. It looks as beautiful as you’d expect. Best of all, if you like DRIVECLUB and BIKES, it’s available to download right now!

Horizon Zero Dawn came next. Touted as a 2016 release, this was a stand out for me, and we were treated to a gameplayer trailer. It started with Aloy, the playable character, stalking some prey known as Grazers. She then set a trap using explosive tripwire, attaching them to rocks and the floor. Aloy then created a distraction to force the herd of Grazers into the trap, killing many of them. A few remained though and attempted to attack her, which were fended off with the bow and arrow. A new creature then appeared on the scene, the mighty Thunderjaw. It was a tremendous size, and I strongly recommend watching the trailer below!

Gravity Rush 2 came next. Making the move to PlayStation 4 because it’s almost like Sony have sent the Vita off to its death, the sequel touts new combat styles and the ability to switch between three gravity styles. Gravity Rush was one of the strongest Vita titles, so I’m intrigued to see how it makes the transition to the big brother console.

We then saw some Uncharted 4 multiplayer footage. A mixture of CGI and what seemed to be gameplay footage. Touted to include sidekicks, NPCs, and “supernatural elements”, which seemed to be some sort of Incan turret gun thingamajig. The release date was confirmed as March 18th, and December 4-13 for the beta.

Media Molecule’s Dreams…this is a tough one to explain, maybe because, along with the vast majority of my Twitter feed, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I imagine it’s more focussed towards the more creative amongst us, of which I am certain am not. The most inventive I ever got was when I discovered that Egg Toasties were a) a thing and b) amazing. Where was I? Oh yes, a trailer.

Shuhei Yoshida took to the stage to show some PlayStation VR games. First up we saw RIGS Mechanised Combat League. It looked to be a hybrid of a FPS and a sports game, in which players had to try to move through a target to score a point, while the other team had to shoot them down to prevent them. As fun as it looked, it did that annoying thing where there’s an over-excited e-sports type commentator and, as an Englishman, I simply cannot abide such unbridled enthusiasm.

We then saw Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, touted as an on-rails shooter type thing and please God don’t ruin my beloved Until Dawn, Supermassive Games or I will find you and kill you. We clear? Anyway, I’ll probably swerve this because I generally avoid soiling myself.

We then got a brief look at Crytek’s new title, Robinson: The Journey. The trailer placed you in a jungle with a floating droid who invites you to play a game called “Don’t get squashed”. You’re then rushed by a herd of Pachycephalosaurus (I think, I’m sure there’s going to be dinosaur expert amongst us in sandals and socks who’s going to pipe up with “Er, actually, I think you’ll find it’s a…”), and then you’re dodging through the legs of a bunch of Diplodocus and then suddenly there’s a T-Rex growling at you and if you’ll excuse me I now have to order a PlayStation VR because DINOSAURS.

Time for the return of another PlayStation classic; Gran Turismo. Dubbed Gran Turismo Sport, this’ll be one for the car fanatics. I went to make a brew because it’s not Mario Kart. Beta starts next year and it’s got PlayStation VR support.

WiLD came next. Man, WiLD looks great! We saw how the mechanics of how the character possesses animals and take full control of them. In the example we saw, we take control of a rabbit to get closer to an enemy tribe, then switch to a flock of ravens, who then swoop down on them as a distraction, leaving you to switch back to your human character and ride in there on a bear and smash them into smithereens. Yep, riding a goddamn bear.

The show ended with a new David Cage game, titled Detroit. Cage is a hugely divisive character, and Twitter was full of the expected level of snark, but I’ve personally always found his games interesting. He wanted to create a ‘moving, meaningful experience’ which ‘uses android to question our own humanity’. It was an interesting looking trailer, featuring the main character, Kara, walking through the streets, pondering her existence and the world she lives in.

And that’s your lot! What did you think of the show? Let us know below.


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