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Midlife Gamer Community raise over £7258 for GamesAid

September 30th, 2015 by

EGX MLGX 11There are some things you can expect yearly. Call of Duty: Advanced Black Ghosts, <insert EA Sports title here>, Matt to trade in his entire library at GAME for £3.59 and of course Eurogamer or EGX to give it it’s new fashionable name. With EGX comes the Midlife Gamer After Show Event lovingly known as MLGX, and not because its a much easier hashtag when you are drunk.

Well this year was no different and although we ventured into the unknown with a new venue in a new city, there were a few things of which we could be assured. Alcohol, good times, shenanigans and the Midlife Gamer Communities ability to blow us away with their love and generosity.

This year all kicked off on the August Bank Holiday weekend (and for all you Scottish readers, it was the one at the end of the month that isn’t a Bank Holiday) Uncle Fista and a number of Midlife Gamer Community members took part in Game-o-rama which you can see the highlights of on the Game-o-rama Streaming Hub.


The Irish Centre event was a more responsible, adult affair…for about 90 minutes. Those who had been before would know that usually there is a round of events in which additional funds can be made for our charity of choice, but this year this was held to primarily to the well known auction. With tickets sold beforehand, each at £5 a head, this allowed the team to focus solely on entertaining the attendees, so the yearly room trudge to sell raffle tickets was thankfully avoided.

After a quick introduction from Daren and Matt the night was underway. The sneaky chaps that they were, had avoided the aforementioned trudge by using the party ticket numbers as the allocated raffle numbers, so those disappointed in the lack thereof, myself included, were pleasantly surprised. But this was not the only surprise of the night.

The community managers once again outdid themselves as Daren unveiled the second part of the show; MLGX Play Your Cards Right. Once again, the random number generator was in full force as attendees competed to win a range of prizes from the generous donations supplied this year but the true shock was the transformation we saw in the community managers. When a cleanly shorn Adamski arrived in Birmingham there were a few raised eyebrows but more so when the reason for said interaction with a razor was revealed. It must be said, that Adamski has a fine career ahead of him as a drag act, as he appeared as a Dolly Dealer to Daren’s Brucie. Never one to pass up on the opportunity to wear womens clothing, Eggdaddy and Mantismat joined him on stage as a buxom blonde and a rather hirsute looking woman. (think Kenny Everett and you are almost there).

Some new and some old hands at the MLGX event walked away with some very special prizes and the raucous nature of the crowd confirmed that Play Your Cards Right MLGX style will live forever in infamy.

But what is an MLGX After show party, without an Auction? This year, the primary focus was the fantastic art that has been produced by your amazing community and once again, without fail, Epic was nearly reduced to tears.

Record breaking numbers were once again achieved as each of those fine prints sold for between £200 and £450.

The night was rounded out with a fantastic Karaoke effort from all involved and I doubt anyone left disappointed.

Every penny collected on the night, from the entry fees, auctions and Game-o-rama has been donated to the Just Giving page for GamesAid ,with an astounding £7258.42 being raised by the utterly selfless Midlife Gamer community and friends. Now is the time to enjoy – or cringe at – some pictures from the event.

“Forget about eurogamer, #mlgx is where it’s at.” – ‘The most popular man on the internet’ Colm Sheridan


Photo 27-09-2015, 01 06 35

Photo 26-09-2015, 23 31 57

Photo 26-09-2015, 23 20 43

Photo 25-09-2015, 20 22 28“highlight of the year ” – Adrian Garlike



“Worst Prossies ever! 0/10″ – Uncle Fista



“Pissed romantics, is there a finer thing in life? ” – Andy Welcome






“An epic night with epic people!” – Richard Carvell






“Hungover before #mlgx has even started and forgot to bring a spare liver.” – Sir Samuel Vimes






“the first rule of selfie sticks, is don’t own a selfie stick” – beefkr10z
“Singing, throwing shapes, laughter, new friends, old friends, even older unexpected friends. ” – Mantismat

We could not have done with without you and on behalf of everyone here at Midlife Gamer and GamesAid, we thank you for your support.

You have helped to make an incredible difference. Be very proud of what you have accomplished.


DJ Dano – Courtesy of Playfire

Sega Mega Drive book and blueprint from Readonlymemory.vg

Witcher 3 Strategy Guides from Prima Game Guides

Doug Cockle – Voice of Geralt of Rivia – signed the Witcher Guides.

ThisIsXbox – XboxOne copies of Lego Jurassic World, Dying Light, Rare Reply plus 5 copies of Ori and 5 copies of Forza 5 Top Gear Edition.

Insert Coin Clothing – Online Vouchers.

Bongo The Sane (Robin Tate from G4TE.com & Overseas Connection Podcast) – A barrel full of PSN and Xbox annual subscriptions and vouchers!


Auction Items

Master Chief Framed Digital Painting – by Daniel Ocock

The Last of Us – Acrylic on Canvas artwork by EpicToneDogg

Bloodborne – Acrylic on Canvas artwork by EpicToneDogg

Destiny – Acrylic on Canvas artwork by EpicToneDogg


Thanks to DJ Dano and his team for doing such a great job!


Manager of Irish Centre, Shaun and his bar staff and security for making us feel so welcome.


Thanks to Ed Phillips for designing the game-o-rama logo.

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2 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Community raise over £7258 for GamesAid”
  1. avatar StevoA says:

    It was an epic MLGX this year. Great to see friends from last year, finally meet people who I’ve gamed with for a few years, and new faces from Facebook and the forums.
    Well done to all the community who contributed to raising the final total, and big thank you to Adam, Neale, Matt (EggDaddy), Daren and (Mantis)Matt for organising a truly awesome night.
    My body may still be recovering but I’ve already pencilled in holiday for next year’s.

  2. avatar TrevDxB says:

    My wife saw the post as we went through the photos she se shouted oh look a Pinay (It’s a Filipino word) what the painting, darling that you they took it of face book.

    Ano? Paano nila nakuha yung photo ko from Facebook?

    Tess and Trev Phillips

    I know you don’t understand the last comment ti’s not bad she’s a little bit proud it was included, well very proud

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