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game-O-rama 2015

August 11th, 2015 by

Following the recent hints and teases on the podcast and Facebook group, we are pleased to provide some more juicy details about our new annual charity event, “game-O-rama”.

In previous years we have combined our annual fundraising drive with our MLGX party. This year we wanted to do things a little differently.


Don’t fret, there will still be opportunities for you to be charitable at this year’s MLGX, but we didn’t want that to be the main focus. MLGX2015 is the time for our wonderful community members to get together, meet old friends, share a drink with new ones, and celebrate all that is great and good about being part of one of the most welcoming gaming communities around.



I am sure that you have many questions, don’t you? Well let me try and answer them for you!

What is it?

game-O-rama is the opportunity for the Midlife Gamer Community  to work together collectively and raise a shed load of cash for our long running charity partner GamesAid over the Bank Holiday weekend of 28 – 31 August.

What’s occuring?

The main event of the weekend will be the World of Tanks 24 hour marathon to be undertaken by our very own General Fista. This will be streamed live all over the intertubes for your delight and delectation. This will most definitely be worth a watch – who knows, he may well be joined by a special guest along the way. During and after the event you will be able to show your support for our illustrious host by donating to his event page.

Follow the link below:


Here you will find the link to General Fista’s event page, as well as the pages of any other community members hosting events over the weekend.

Can I get more involved?

Why, I am so glad you asked that! Of course you can, in fact we positively encourage it. I am sure some of you have some ideas about things you might like to do to contribute to the fundraising effort; a 24 hour gaming marathon, a speedrun through Lost Odyssey (all 4 discs), a fifa tournament…. the possibilities are endless.

It doesn’t have to be gaming related either. Last month I cycled from East Grinstead to Paris in 22 hours to raise funds for GamesAid. I reached out to my fellow Midlife Gamers for sponsorship to spur me on when the going got tough (and in 41 degree heat, I can tell you it did) and you lovely lot did not let me down. Knowing that I had managed to raise over £400 for GamesAid provided the much needed incentive to push on through the blistering heat.

How can people sponsor my event?

Good question. I am sure we will all want to know how much money we cumulatively manage to raise over the course of the game-O-rama weekend. So what we are proposing is the following procedure for those wanting to stage an event over the weekend:

1 – Sign up to the Just Giving website (if you haven’t already).
2 – Create a fund raising page for your event.
3 – When asked what charity you are fund raising for, search for “GamesAid”.
4 – Select GamesAid and then choose “Personal Challenge”.
5 – Complete the “Tell us About Your Event” fields and create your page.
6 – Follow the steps to add all relevant info for your event, click “save and continue”.
7 – Hurrah, you’ve just set up a page – you can edit and add images etc. to make it look super sexy.

Now to become part of the game-O-rama collective…

8 – Head on over to the Team game-O-rama page at www.justgiving.com/teams/game-o-rama
9 – Click “Join the team”.
10 – Now you will be asked to select your fund raising page to link to the Team Page – choose your newly created event page.
11 – Once you click the “Join Team Page” button, you will be part of the Midlife Gamer game-O-rama fund raising effort.
12 – Now spread the word and get as many people involved as you can.

I have more questions!!!

No problem! Reach out to myself (eggdaddy@midlifegamer.net) or Neale (baron@midlifegamer.net) and we will be more than happy to assist.
You can keep an eye on events over the weekend by following @midlifegamernet on Twitter and also the #MLGOR hashtag. And of course, Daren and Matt will provide even more information during the next show…


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7 Responses to “game-O-rama 2015”
  1. avatar PAiNJUNKiE666 says:

    Great stuff! Consider our Daren sponsored. And I might even get a little something going myself :D

  2. avatar Antman says:

    Come on Phil, let’s get the Dota gang together again, in the name of charity.

  3. Fellas, that would be awesome. Do it!

  4. avatar PAiNJUNKiE666 says:

    That’s a awesome idea Ant. Been thinkin about jumpin back on Dota lately. What better reason to dust off the old keyboard and mouse than this.

    Though, I will be limited to the Sunday night only unfortunately.

    Think the rest of the boys will be game?

  5. avatar Egg Daddy says:

    Go for it lads. Start midnight Saturday and end midnight Sunday :-)

  6. avatar TrevDxB says:

    I’m in of course, might watch Daren in pants for 24 hours.

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