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The Yes Movement comes to Next Gen

June 30th, 2014 by

wwe001The E3 of the wrestling world – WrestleMania – is now but a distant memory and as we gear up towards the big Summer wrestling event we also start to receive news about the WWE and 2K sports yearly franchise update.

So what do we know already?


Firstly, one of the most popular characters within the WWE Universe, Antonio Cesaro, revealed through the medium of his twitter account that he is currently performing motion capture for the title. Cesaro, along with Daniel Bryan, Naomi, Cameron, AJ Lee, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and Roman Reigns have been officially named as the first nine superstars to be featured in WWE 2K15.

However the most exciting “reveal” was let slip on a recent episode of “The Steve Austin Show” podcast when former wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin was joined by former WWE Commentator Jim Ross. When discussing his own podcast show, Jim Ross casually mentioned that he was looking forward to having Sting on his show as “I’m looking forward to talking to him because people are going to want to know – are you coming to WWE? What about The Undertaker match? He’s in the big 2K video game, Sting is. So that’s a big deal,”


With Sting now all but officially confirmed to be part of the game, this could be the only way WWE fans see the legendary matchup of Sting versus The Undertaker. Unfortunately none of these dream warfare matches will feature the legendary commentary of Jim Ross as he announced earlier in the month that he would not be part of this years installment.

2K are currently having Commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler record new sounds bites and even have them recording commentary together in order for the commentary to sound more fluid and show-like, with over 30 hours rumored to be included.

WWE 2K15 will also feature an influx of online features with the title rumoured to be implementing the “WWE Network” range of services with the goal of a more up-to-date range of services and content being added regularly to the title without the need of patch updates and DLC releases.


The final hot topic of WWE 2K15 is what path the career mode will take. After already featuring the history of Wrestlemania and the Monday Night Wars, the smart money is the career mode falling into line with other 2K Sports title and featuring a rags to riches story of a rookie making it big, or in WWE terms; a story of a NXT rookie headlining WrestleMania.

So based on current WWE storylines, brands and the previous incarnation we can probably expect to see:

Alberto Del Rio

Andre the Giant


Big Show

Bo Dallas

Bret Hart

Brock Lesnar


Cody Rhodes/Stardust

Damien Sandow

Dean Ambrose

Dolph Ziggler


Eric Rowan

Heath Slater

Hulk Hogan

Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Jack Swagger

Justin Gabriel



Kofi Kingston



Luke Harper

Mark Henry




Randy Orton

Randy Savage

Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair



Sami Zayn

Santino Marella

Seth Rollins

Shawn Michaels


Sin Cara

Stephanie McMahon


Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Great Khali

The Miz

The Rock

Titus O’Neil

Triple H

Tyson Kidd

Ultimate Warrior



Wade Barrett

Zack Ryder

WWE 2K15 currently has a release date of October 28th for our American cousins with EU fans able to don the spandex three days later on October 31st. Keep your eyes on Midlife Gamer for further roster and gameplay news as and when it is released.


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One Response to “The Yes Movement comes to Next Gen”
  1. avatar miguel says:

    I think we need to an import the games wwe2k14 to wwe2k15 and retro put same space superstar are in his place be long this way we have more space for other superstar. other thing is change rookies divas to dummy or other superstar we do not want it. made an option we can custom our superstar change the hair or bear or the cloth etc. have an option to scan picture or logo etc. every year we pay for DLC why not made an option to updated to have every year we pay for that why not. and the games have to had different language for that person not understand English.

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