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May 13th, 2014 by

kinectlessMicrosoft have announced a shocking turn around in their vision of the Xbox One by offering a Kinect-free SKU with a lower price point of £349.99.

Despite only in February saying that there was no plans to remove the Kinect, stating that they “believe Kinect is an absolutely integral part of the Xbox One experience“, it seems that public uncertainty over the device and the associated higher cost of the console has led Microsoft to revise that viewpoint.

kinectless 2

By offering a lower price point of £349.99, Microsoft have now repositioned the Xbox One as an equally priced alternative to the Sony Playstation 4. Since the launch of the two new consoles, the higher initial price of the Xbox One has been widely discussed as a factor behind the lower sales of Microsoft’s console.

Does this price drop make you feel more inclined to pick up an Xbox One? Does the removal of Kinect make it a more viable proposition for you? Do you own the Xbox One with Kinect and worry that the accessory will now go the way of it’s predecessor? Or as you still undecided about the console? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 Responses to “DisKinected”
  1. avatar Baron Von Pleb says:

    But isn’t a Titanfall bundle with Kinect still £370ish? Chuffing rip off in my eyes.

  2. avatar Lucien21 says:

    Equal price, lesser power. Still advantage PS4.

    Which flip flop will be next.

    They have also moved the likes of Netflix out from Xbox Gold and rejigged the Free Games programme to be EXACTLY like PSN Plus.

  3. avatar Solm says:

    Another turnaround by MS. Firstly always on, then the Disc issue and now no Kinect. It’s a pity as the developers will probably not consider the Kinect input for future games.

  4. avatar originaljohn says:

    I’m still not interested. Microsoft have dropped the ball these past few years. The 360 showed how online was going to be and Sony came in a beat them at it. Offering steaming services outside a pay wall. The Xbox One should have launched with a more competitive robust Live service. As for removing connect, on one hand it makes complete sense. They where marketing the box and an all in one media hub but it was priced higher than all other games console AND media hubs on the market. On the other hand as a consumer it tells me they don’t have faith in their own products. I’m yet to be convinced.

  5. avatar Adamski UK says:

    I echo your sentiments John.
    I just hope we don’t end up in a single console landscape.

  6. avatar beefkr10z says:

    The trouble is that Microsoft were constantly first to make any solid announcements. Sony have been very clever, and have gauged their marketing in direct response to people’s reactions to each press release. MS announce price and bundled Kinect? Sony undercut and take out the camera. MS say no sharing? Sony do a funny video about how you can give your disc to a mate. It’s easy to bash Xbox at the moment, but it’s just as easy to watch what people like and dislike and then tailor a product around that. I’ll be more forgiving of Sony if they had actually had the balls to say something concrete about PS4 before the opposition had put their cards on the table, but I suppose that’s marketing for you.

  7. avatar Egg Daddy says:

    I wish MS had kept the faith. Now I see two very similar consoles, and this has purther pushed me towards Sony because I think they seem to do all the standard stuff better. Had MS stuck by the always online, always Kinect-ed, vision of the future and delivered something truly next gen, I would have been all for it. However in generation 1.5, I think Sony has it sussed.

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