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Morpheus First Opinions

March 27th, 2014 by

sony-project-morpheusWith Sony announcing their foray into the Virtual Reality market with the release of project Morpheus we have all been waiting for announcements and video as well as getting our hands on this exciting new tech.

With some of the community experiencing Occulus Rift at Eurgamer last year and the recent announcements of OR acquisition by the book of face, expectations on Sonys own VR technology is currently running rampant within the gaming communities.

Thankfully our very own American cousin Godd Todd was at this years GDC and was able to get some hands on time with the new headset. so we bring you to words straight from Todds brain to your eyes. Before this we bring to you the announcement presentation from GDC, which includes some surprising revelations in regards to how long Sony have been developing this technology

Guys, Here’s the rundown.

The big difference you’ll ¬†first perceive is that the screens are farther removed from the eyes and there is a gap between the bottom if the mask and your face. There’s also a hinge at the top of the mask so that you can lower the screen down once you get the head harness on.

This is super fantastic if you wear glasses. It’s easy to wear your glasses under the mask. You also get more air circulation which keeps glasses from fogging up.

On the negative side, since the screens are farther from your face The Sony Morpheus has more of a tunnel vision effect than the more immersive, Occulus Rift.

They both seemed to have the same resolution, however, on the shark cage demo, the screen did not seemed to lack some contrast. But that might not be a hardware issue.

Heat wise, it was comfortable and well ventilated.

The motion trackers are actually based on MOVE and it works with your PS4 Eye camera. You should be able to get a full 360 turn radius.

I have to say, it looked super sexy. It’s like the iPhone of VR tech. While the second generation Oculus Rift continues to look like a lab prototype.

morpheus todd

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2 Responses to “Morpheus First Opinions”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Love the beard Todd!

  2. avatar Solm says:

    Excellent GoddTodd. Do you see a future for VR and gaming?

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