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MLGX – A Tale from the Other Side

October 9th, 2013 by

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We all love games here at Midlife Gamer. We all like meeting with each other when the opportunity arises too. If you could wrap those two things up in an expo taking place in a major city and throw in some beers then we are in our element. This is why we love Eurogamer so. But what of those we leave behind? Our long suffering partners or gaming widows. What would they experience if they tagged along? Would they enjoy it? Would they hate it?

When Community Member SteevieB mentioned that he was dragging his wife Fleur along this year, it was decided that this was a good opportunity to find out. Therefore may I introduce to you excerpts from Fleurs Diary of Eurogamer:

The night before we leave and I’m packed raring to go; Hold that thought I can’t find my passport.  After turning the house upside down it didn’t take me long to find, but now the nerves have set in and I have butterflies in my stomach. You may ask why, well not only am I going to Eurogamer, but also the fact that I have to write a wee review on my thoughts at Eurogamer and Steevieb has just told me my review could make a Forum… WHAT!! Now I’m very nervous.

After a stressful evening we are up and dropped the car off and waiting at the airport. Steve got padded down at security (must of looked dodgy with his midlife gamer hoodie on, ha ha) and well I got my bag checked, god damn toiletry bag. The security lassie was really fine though and did let me off with a few things, phew.

Finally arrive at the Ibis Hotel and glad to say that the Ibis is a lot better than the Easy Hotel last year. We have air con and the window actually opens too. Now I’m hankering for a caffeine hit and I’m annoying Steve as all he wants to do is get to the Prince of Wales. Now that I’m all refreshed it’s time to head off for our first meet of the day with the Midlife Gamers and our first drink for the weekend. Once that was down our throats we walked around the Eurogamer Expo, Having a good wander around making sure to avoid the Zombies this year.

After following Steve round like a lost puppy – I loved seeing his eyes light up at all the games he liked as well as his non-stop talking – I stopped in my tracks and this time MY eyes lit up, there was an actual game that I play there – Ratchet & Clank – Oh my god, I was in my element. I finally know what it feels like for Steve, seeing all the games he plays in one place. Now this is only one game but I loved the feeling, I was dying to sit down and get my hands on the controller and play. After a few minutes Steve finally dragged me away and after two hours wandering around we finally get told there is an upstairs this year, An over 18 Section, so up we go and Steve was once again like a wee kid in a toy shop. He finally knows what he is coming to do on Saturday – wait in the queue for a game of Battlefield 4.

Back to the pub we go to rest our weary feet and have a catch up with more Midlife Gamers. It was great to listen to all the gamers and their banter and there run down on various games. After a long day I’m fighting the urge to head to bed and determined to stay up a little bit longer to enjoy the chit-chat between the boys!

After a day up town we were glad to get back to the pub for a rest where we met up with schoo3y and his wife, Julie. Had a good laugh and it was great to meet another gaming widow. After a few beers we are all gathered around a table in the beer garden where Julie and I watched the boys playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’ and what a laugh it was before finally joining in too. After deciding it was time for some food we head to our hotel where we all order pizza, now the waitress told us it would be a thin base, but what arrived made us laugh it was actually a wrap covered in pizza topping. It filled a hole but not for long. We later joined some of the Midlife Gamers in the hotel bar and had a great laugh.

Saturday and after meeting up with Epic, Schoo3y and Julie and having brekkie we headed for the end of the long queue to get into Eurogamer. This is what I had been dreading, but in fairness the queue was moving pretty fast and we got in with no hitches. We headed to see Epics painting in the chill out zone and took a few photographs, after wandering around for a while the boys headed for the queue for Battlefield 4. After thinking this would take for ever I thought I would have a wander around myself and take in the sights, instead of following other people. Well I ended back up at Ratchet & Clank, dying for a game but far too shy to take the plunge, so I just watched the kids, little and big, go through the game. I can’t wait for November! It was actually great to walk round and take it all in; I saw so much more, which is possibly a woman thing! I remember going back to the hotel and telling Steve about some of the things I saw and him saying ‘I never saw that’.

Now the highlight of Saturday has to be the evening events at Riley’s Sports Bar, where there are raffles, auction and prizes galore with a great bunch of people that I am not afraid to call my extended family. It can be rather emotional at times when you see the video of GameAid and you then realise what they do and where the money raised goes. It is an excellent cause and I’m so proud to be part of it. I haven’t laughed so much in ages and it was great to put faces to names that I only ever hear Steevieb talking about. All good things.

It’s time for check out and to say goodbye before heading our separate ways to the far corners of the UK.

This is my second year at Eurogamer and from the moment I met everyone they all made me feel very welcome and accepted me as one of their own! I am very proud of what they all do and what they all achieve. I have had an excellent few days and for all you gaming widows, if you ever get the chance to come down, whether you’re a gamer or not, grab it, it is one of the best weekends you will ever have!


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4 Responses to “MLGX – A Tale from the Other Side”
  1. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I really loved reading this and hearing things “from the other side”.
    But we all know there is no “other side” just one big family :)

    Best regards

    “*free hugs*” Oli

  2. avatar Adamski UK says:

    A great reminder of a wonderful weekend, in the company of wonderful friends. Thanks Fleur!

    Mrs Adamski read that and really fancies coming along next year…

  3. avatar M1SS666 says:

    Great review Fleur… I guess I’m an inbetweenie as I get what your saying from the woman’s/wife’s point of view but also see it from the gamers side too. I filled up when I read the bit about the Gamesaid video just as I did when I watched it that night (obviously I was trying not to cry like a big girl!) It’s amazing what this community has achieved and how welcoming they are and it’s lovely to be a part of… See you next year! :D

  4. avatar Fleur says:

    Thanks guys xxx

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