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Games with Gold Extended

October 19th, 2013 by

Games with Gold LogoMicrosoft have today announced that the Xbox Live Gold free Xbox 360 games promotion Games With Gold will continue indefinitely.

When announced five months ago it was advised that the promotion would run until the end of November. This has now been extended so that it a “feature of being a gold member”. There is a caveat however; the total value of the titles given away each will month will have a value of £30 in total – no more, no less. This may explain the age of certain games released thus far.

If you take into consideration that you will be receiving £360 of games each year for around £30 then that is amazing value, especially when you consider that Burnout Paradise (£14.99) and Fallout New Vegas (£11.99) could both be included in the same month.

Our prediction of what games would be featured although initially incorrect could now come to fruition

It has been confirmed to Midlife Gamer that this promotion is a Xbox 360 promotion with no plans to migrate the offer to Xbox One in the foreseeable future but next gen adopters will be keeping their fingers crossed







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2 Responses to “Games with Gold Extended”
  1. avatar DeadmanXIII says:

    Great news! Im happy to play anything i dont already own. If Kameo turns up in this offer EVERYONE should download that one. Great and massively underated title.

  2. avatar Solm says:

    Great news just adding more games to my pile of shame at least they will be free.

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