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Nintendo 2DS announced

August 29th, 2013 by


Didn’t see this one coming.

Nintendo have just sprung a major shock on people by announcing the Nintendo 2DS. While still able to play 3DS games, the 2DS doesn’t have any 3D capabilities and has no hinge, and has presumably been introduced to add a lower cost entry point option into Nintendo’s handheld line up and to target younger consumers. Game in the UK have stated a retail price of £109.99 as opposed to £134.99 for the standard 3DS and £164.99 for the XL model.


Apart from the lack of 3D and change to design the 2DS still has all the other functions of it’s big brothers, including the dual cameras on the rear to take 3D pictures. The 2DS will launch is red and blue colour options and will include a 4GB memory card.

The Nintendo 2DS is due to launch in October.

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4 Responses to “Nintendo 2DS announced”
  1. avatar originaljohn says:

    I’m not really surprised Nintendo announced a new handheld, they usually do every 12-18 months. The main surprise is the design and name change. I’ve just bought a 3ds XL so this announcement doesn’t really bother me that much, its obviously aimed at the lower and younger end of the market which I have no problem with.

  2. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    I saw this yesterday popup on youtube and thought it to be a joke. But it does not seem to be…
    Yes, I know it is practically for toddlers, but really is this what Nintendo really needs at this point.
    I am shaking my head here in Germany……

    Best regards

    “Didn´t see that one comming” Oli

  3. avatar Solm says:

    It’s not exactly portable but as the posters above suggest it’s aimed at young kids. It’s not exactly portable or pretty to look at. I presume Nintendo won’t be ditching the 3D anytime soon. I for one enjoy the 3D screen and play all my 3DS games in 3D as Nintendo intended. I do have a few friends with young kids and the general feedback I get is their kids don’t play in 3D.

  4. avatar AlledgedMrBuzz says:

    Not totally surprised by this, looks as though they’re casting a wider net to reach customers (the younger audience) and pull some attention away from the recent Vita push from Sony.

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