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Disney Infinity Preview

August 19th, 2013 by

dsny_infinity_rgb_posParents beware.

Disney is about to unleash its deadliest assault on the hearts and minds of our gaming kids and their parents’ purse strings yet, when Disney Infinity hits the shelves this Friday. With Skylanders netting Activision an astonishing $1.5 Billion so far on the back of an almost forgotten dragon, Disney and Pixar’s universally revered characters are threatening to wipe Spyro and his mates off the shelves. With adverts all over the Disney channel, little Miss Dash wants Daddy to buy it. But game aside, look at all those gorgeous collectible figures! I wondered how much this stuff was going cost. So I’ve investigated what you get for your money, the other playsets and characters that will be released in the coming months, and the bewildering array of extras bits of plastic tat that bear the name Disney Infinity. Consider this a brief guide to help your wallet through the difficult times ahead…

Released on Friday, the starter pack includes the game, the base to put your figures on and three characters, Mr Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow and Sulley. The game has two modes. Levels based around The Incredibles, Monsters University and Pirate of the Caribbean with recognizable locations and other characters from those movies. And there’s the huge customisable sandbox mode called Toy Box. This is where you can mix and match all your characters in a world that’s part Minecraft, part Little Big Planet and all Disney. I hope you’ll forgive those lazy references but in a nutshell, you can build worlds and games within them. Of course if you want to play the main game co op, you’re going to have to buy an additional playset or figure as the ones provided will only work in their own worlds.


The starter pack retails at £60 though you can expect to pay a fiver less if bought online.

There are a number of playsets available at launch. These comprise of three additional figures that add levels to the main game and items and abilities to the Toy Box. Available at launch and complimenting the characters in the starter pack is the Sidekick Pack. This comprises of Mrs Incredible, Captain Barbossa and Mike Wazowski. And theres also a villains Pack that contains Syndrome, Davy Jones and Randy.

These two sets will retail at £30 and unlock around 8 hours of additional story content.

The characters in the sidekick and villains packs will additionally be available individually at around £15 each. The two incredible kids, Dash and Violet will only be available individually, again at £15.

Also available at launch is a Cars Pack featuring Lightning McQueen and Holley Shiftwell. This two figure pack will set you back £35. Mater and Francesco are also available for £15 each.

Bringing up the rear and trying to recover some money for the studio, the Lone Ranger and Tonto playset is also £35. I’d expect there’ll be plenty of those left on the shelves.

Owning ALL the characters from a particular set will unlock a secret vault within the world, full of goodies.

Further down the line, a Toy Story inevitably appears in a space themed playset, due for an October release and comprising Buzz and Jessie. Woody comes separately.


There are also a number of other characters from different TV shows and movies that can be used in the Toy Box also coming in October, so expect to see Phineas and Agent P (has anyone seen Perry?) Wreck It Ralph, Anna and Elsa from the upcoming film Frozen, Tangled’s Rapunzel, Jack Skellington and even Mickey Mouse himself in his Sorcerers Apprentice garb. If that wasn’t enough, unique versions of some of these figures will be available exclusively from Toy R Us.

Then there are the power disks. These come in blind packs of two disks for around £4 each. These are placed on the base unit and add in game themes, vehicles and character power ups.

Finally we come to somewhat superfluous accessories. There’s a messenger bag with a roll out playmat (£40 please). An album or a plastic tube to store your power disks in (That’ll be £10 each Sir!). A couple of modular shelving units or 3 plastic displays cases for your figures (£15 each and they’re yours). And a plastic protective cover for your base station with some paper inserts of Disney characters (£10 and frankly daylight robbery).

Of course, all of the main game content is already on the disk. You’re buying the disks and additional figures to unlock it. What they’re hoping to sell is a long term relationship with the game driven largely by pester power and the lure of new stuff to do in the open arena of Toy Box.

Disney has an almost inexhaustible supply of characters that can be turned into figures and supplemented by additional DLC levels for the game with a decent amount of content. And that’s to say nothing of their Marvel and Star Wars IP’s. Just how popular Skylanders continues remains to be seen, but for Disney, this really is infinity and beyond.

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One Response to “Disney Infinity Preview”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    I’m sure it has the potential to make Disney a lot of Money. Lets hope it doesn’t turn out like the U-Draw. We all know what happened to THQ, R.I.P.

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