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Warner Bros. & Traveller’s Tales announce next Lego Game

January 9th, 2013 by

Lego fans rejoice!

Traveller’s Tales next game in their popular and seemingly indefatigable LEGO series will be a Marvel Universe title, not unlike last year’s Lego Batman 2 DC Universe.

Although the story sounds similar to last summer’s celluloid blockbuster The Avengers, as Telltale have stated this is a Marvel universe title, Nick Fury will not be limited to the Avengers franchise to assemble his team of heroes and will include Iron Man, Spider-man, Thor, Hulk and Wolverine. As a staple of the Lego franchise, there will also be over 100 unlockable characters, including Hawk-eye, Deadpool and Black Widow.

The game is scheduled to be released in the autumn of 2013, on all current platforms known to man and child barring mobile devices and the Nintendo Wii. However there is no mention of any next-gen possibilities at the current time.

Stay tuned to Midlife Gamer as we bring you more Lego Marvel Heroes news throughout the year

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5 Responses to “Warner Bros. & Traveller’s Tales announce next Lego Game”
  1. avatar Callum says:

    This is already on the Lego website

  2. avatar Jaylen says:

    I think you should make a lego star trek video game

  3. avatar Jaylen says:

    Dear Travelers tales, I know that you have been making really great lego games. there is lots of things to explore that I just noticed something. You should make a lego Star Trek video game

  4. avatar James Patterson says:

    I’d like to see the Matrixs series in lego. That was a great movie trilogy that id hate to be forgotten.It would be the perfect game for lego, exspecially now that their is a free roam in each lego game. The game could be filled with great lego martial arts moves, lego action scence and car chases. It could be a great lego action game that i know everyone has been waiting for.

  5. avatar michael maidment says:

    I too think there should be a lego star trek game with 5 tv series and 12 movies there is a lot of material to work with

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