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Kickstarter continues to inspire retro revival

November 26th, 2012 by

It seems all the old school developers are now seeing the true benefits of Kickstarters community funded projects, with the emergence of the Oliver Twins to undertake a revival of the classic Dizzy franchise.

Funding on the project began on the 21st November, and will run through until the Friday before Christmas. Currently, at time of writing, the project is at 3% funded with 25 days to go.

Dizzy, for me, has always been one of those games that once announced was guaranteed to appear on my list for Christmas or birthday that year. Thankfully, my parents can take a hint (or a few thousand) and it would typically be there waiting for me on the morning in question.

As such, this series has a direct link to my formative gaming years, and I still fondly remember each of the titles.

If you have never played a Dizzy game,  they are some of the hardest platform puzzling games of yesteryear. Think Super Meat Boy for the C64 generation.  Back in the days, when checkpoints and saving were non existent, these games were huge, expansive playgrounds with that “one more try” appeal.

I would be extremely happy if the Oliver Twins can deliver the same punishing, rewarding and gripping gameplay to a current gen title, as they did with their original games.

With 20 years since their last Dizzy outing, their goal is to build on established Dizzy lore, including all the references Dizzy fans are looking for, whilst giving everyone something new to discover and explore.

Head on over to Kickstarter on to check on Dizzy’s progress.

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One Response to “Kickstarter continues to inspire retro revival”
  1. avatar Lucien21 says:

    DIZZY, I’m soo Dizzy, my head is spinning…

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