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PlayStation Plus for Vita Arrives in November

September 21st, 2012 by

In August at Gamescom, Sony announced that their premium service, PlayStation Plus, would be coming to the PlayStation Vita. Sony have today announced that although they cannot confirm the exact date, this will now take place in November of this year.

Probably the most important part of this announcement, in terms of our wallets, is that Playstation Plus for the PS3 and PlayStation Plus for the Vita are not separate subscriptions and both existing subscribers and newcomers to the service will not have to pay any extra for the expanded services.

Plus subscribers currently receive:

The PlayStation 3 Instant Game Collection – Over 45 games a year to download and play whilst you have a current subscription, 60 minute trials of full PlayStation 3 games, discounts on a number of  PSN store games and DLC, early access to PlayStation 3 demos and Beta trials, 1GB of cloud storage for game saves as well as automatic trophy syncing and software updates.

In addition to this, Sony have announced that although further information in regards to what Vita titles will be available to subscribers in the coming weeks, Plus members will get to play the full versions of designated content for PS Vita available from the PlayStation Store as long as their membership is effective, at no extra cost.

Exclusive discounts on certain PlayStation Vita titles will also be made available to Plus subscribers as well as Vita centric automatic trophy syncing and software updates.

As Sony have been vague with their announcement of what exactly will be involved in the Plus titles for the Vita, the expectation and trepidation on the Sony forums is going through the roof, but the expectation for a Vita instant Game Collection may just be wishful thinking.

Fears have also been growing on the very same forums with the inclusion of Vita from non Vita owners worried that the Vita games may replace some of Instant game collection games which are currently made of purely PlayStation 3 titles, and thus reducing the amount of value they receive from subscribing to the service.

Either way, one eye must surely be kept on any developments in regards to the forthcoming new look PlayStation Plus

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One Response to “PlayStation Plus for Vita Arrives in November”
  1. avatar DeadmanThirteen says:

    If the Vita PSplus subscription allows remote play of the full PS3 libary (currently possible with custom firmware) then i will buy a Vita. Otherwise it remains a pointless waste of everyones time,

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