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Will E3 2012 see new consoles from Microsoft and Sony?

January 9th, 2012 by

Rumours of a new Xbox and PlayStation have been running rampant for years but this year is looking more and more likely for an announcement and even a possible release of the next Xbox and PlayStation.

Recent rumours picked up by Gamespot and MCV have indicated that Microsoft are readying their next Xbox for a reveal at E3 this year and for this Xbox 360 follow-up – commonly referred to as the Xbox 720 and the newer code name Xbox Next – as being released in the holiday period later this year. Rumours have also surfaced about the PlayStation 4 also being unveiled at E3 2012.

It’s long been reported that Sony started working on a follow-up to the PS3 shortly after its release. In fact in November last year a rumour suggested that software development for a not-yet-announced system was underway.

Gamespot have also said there are “strong signs” that the new Xbox will feature a tablet controller similar to Nintendo’s Wii U. What these “strong signs” are is still unclear, as is their source, but it’s certainly an interesting rumour and a potentially expensive year for us gamers with the Wii U confirmed for a 2012 release. Nintendo is due to share release info for the Wii U at E3 this year.

Check out the concept models below for what we might – although almost certain will not – be in for with the next generation of consoles.

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2 Responses to “Will E3 2012 see new consoles from Microsoft and Sony?”
  1. avatar Type40_Dashboxer says:

    That xbox render looks like jelly in a cybermat.
    Surely the next round of consoles are about more than just games? The investment MS has made in content shows they’re just as interested in getting you to buy the new machine for its streaming and HD download services as much as its ability to play games. I reckon it will have Kinect built in – at the very least the voice recognition bit and I don’t see why you would need to make everyone buy a tablet to interact with it when you could just put out a client app on any mobile platform. What worries me most about the Nextbox is the perceived lack of disk space on a DVD. I can’t see them putting in a Bluray drive, but part disk/ part download solution (similar to the way the Catwoman levels were added into Arkham City) could be one solution. Didn’t they do an update recently that allowed for more space on disks? With the apparent ‘demotion’ of games from the latest Dashboard, I think it’s inevitable that gaming is something the Nextbox will do, rather than it’s raison d’ĂȘtre.
    I suspect Sony eyes MS’s cash rich subscription service and wished they’d done the same. I can’t see that they wouldn’t charge for online next time.
    Oh, and I reckon you’ll see Mario on PS and Xbox within 5 years. Buying a Nintendo console JUST to play their first party titles? We’ve all done it, but the parlous state of their finances suggest this might make good sense. I guess it will depend on How well the U does. Is anyone really excited about it coming out? Really?!

  2. avatar Greg Giddens says:

    I think you right, mate. Microsoft seem likely to concentrate on streaming services and digital content and I’d bet that the new Xbox will either have Kinect built in or at least be compatible with Kinect still.

    They did indeed fairly recent increase disc space on DVDs for the Xbox 360 but you’re right to be concerned about space for a new generation. However, I wouldn’t write off the chances of Blue-ray coming to the new Xbox. It’s quickly becoming the standard in physical media and once it does every device will support it, regardless of who owns the original technology – just like DVDs.

    I very recently had a conversation with someone about how Nintendo may do a Sega and stop creating consoles, so your idea of Mario on a Sony and Microsoft machine is a future I could see happening. How soon is definitely dependent on how the Wii U does and whether Nintendo have any other console plans up their sleeves.

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