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Resident Evil 6 Release Date Leaked

January 19th, 2012 by

IGN have reported that, according to promotion material photographed by a Gamestop customer , Capcom’s Resident Evil series will be entering its sixth iteration later this year, on the 20th November.

Tonight at 2200 the site NoHopeLeft.com is due to announce something Resident Evil related and the rumour of it being Resident Evil 6 has been floating around for the past 24 hours. Now it’s all but confirmed.

It was also revealed by VentureBeats earlier this evening that a “reliable source” at Capcom confirmed to them that the game is “well underway” and is being developed by Resident Evil veterans. they also suggested that Resident Evil 6 will play like a mixture of Resident Evil 4 and 5, featuring suspenseful action and heavy set-pieces. Additional rumours suggest the two playable characters for the main campaign will be Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield with Ada Wong also due to return in some capacity.

I’m a huge Resident Evil fan and these rumours have got me all on edge. Check back on the front page for the info on the 2200 announcement later tonight.

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