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First UK OnLive Sale Available This Weekend

October 14th, 2011 by

Ever since OnLive Launched in the UK on 22 September, many gamers were wondering when the first UK specific sale would occur. Today, OnLive announce a 3 day, weekend long sale for 2K Games’ titles. Some games are discounted up to over 85% off their normal price.

Here is a list of all the games that are currently on sale to OnLive UK members only. PlayPack subscribers who pay $9.99/month for unlimited access to over 100 different games can also take an additional 30% off the sale price. The Non-PlayPack and PlayPack sale prices are listed below:

  • Borderlands – £2.50 (Non-Playpack) or £1.50 (PlayPack Subscribers)
  • Borderlands Game of the Year Edition – £5.00 (Non-Playpack) or £3.50 (PlayPack Subscribers)
  • Duke Nukem Forever – £7.50 (Non-Playpack) or £5.25 (PlayPack Subscribers)
  • Mafia II – £3.75 (Non-Playpack) or £2.62 (PlayPack Subscribers)
  • MLB 2K10 – £3.75 (Non-Playpack) or £2.62 (PlayPack Subscribers)
  • NBA 2K10 – £2.50 (Non-Playpack) or £1.75 (PlayPack Subscribers)

While OnLive has said previously that they will hold sales for both UK and US gamers, this is the first UK specific sale other than the “First game for £1.00″ sale that the OnLive service was launched with last month. Future sales are expected to be both region specific and service-wide in the future.

So what will be your first OnLive sale purchase be? Cheap Borderlands is calling out to me!

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3 Responses to “First UK OnLive Sale Available This Weekend”
  1. If a few of you folks could get the Borderlands GOTY it would appreciated the company (Pandora is such a lonely place)

  2. avatar DigitalPariah says:

    Picked up Borderlands GOTY for £3.50. cant argue with that bargain price. Now I just need a stable broadband and I can play it at times other than off-peak…

  3. cool, for anyone else if you buy the batman arkham city as a preorder you get a £5 off code with combined with the current sale makes Borderlands GOTY FREE!

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