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“Say What You See” Special Charity Update

September 3rd, 2011 by

The hugely popular ‘Say What You See” series of iOS titles and updates has just released a special charity update, in support of of Grace Windram, who was diagnosed with a severely debilitating form of cerebral palsy at birth. Aged just five, Grace needs major surgery to give her the best chance of improving the limitations this condition has forced upon her body.

The update, from developers Big Ideas Digital, which costs 69p (the price of a large Mars Bar), is part of a campaign to raise funds for a special operation available in the US, to not only relieve the pain Grace experiences every day, but also to attempt to allow her to walk again, something she has been unable to do since birth. Grace currently has £1000 towards her operation, but needs a total of £50,000 to both afford the operation, as well as the other expenses involved with getting to the US, and aftercare.

If you guys, and all the guys you work with, or chat with on other sites, as well as all your Twitter followers and Facebook friends, could get this update, we could easily help them shave off a decent chunk of that massive, life-changing figure. It takes 1450 downloads of the 69P update to make £1000. Between us, I am sure we can get together and make at least a grand!

At the bottom of this post are the very familiar “Share” buttons. So Facebook this article to your friends, Tweet it to your followers, heck share it on your own blog page! A lot of you have them! Put them to good use this week, and help Grace get the improved quality of life we all take for granted, day in and day out. If we can get that “Tweet” button to show ’50′, I will write an entire review in limerick form for an iOS title later this month. If we can hit ’100′, I will perform said review in front of you guys at Eurogamer in three weeks time! ’200′ and I will perform it wearing next to nothing. You have my word, here, in black and white!

Find the update to the game, which can be purchased via iTunes, here: http://bit.ly/rjcQJU

To view the trailer for the ‘Grace’s Toons’ update to “Say What You See” can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK-salHaX94

Grace’s Fund is being run by Tree of Hope Children’s Charity (reg. no. 1043092). All the proceeds of this fund will go towards the operation, and her subsequent physiotherapy.

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