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Podcast Episode 149 – Mellow Bird

August 1st, 2011 by

Join your hosts for a show filled with memorable games & forgettable names.

What have we been playing?

Matt completes his journey with Bastion, moves mountains with From Dust, and shares his thoughts on Red Faction: Armageddon.

Daren talks up the iOS title from Taito, Groove Coaster and sinks more time into Railworks 2.

This week’s news topics

Nintendo slash the price of the 3DS, the Humble Indie Bundle 3, Resident Evil HD games detailed & prices, El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron coming to UK & other territories, tournament time with Zen Pinball, the shelving of the Red Faction Franchise, free Red Dead Redemption DLC detailed and a bunch of Gear of War news with Casual online mode for new players and the announcement of the official board game.

Soundtrack of our gaming lives

This week: Matt selects music from the 80′s classic Alternate Reality.

This weeks MLGQ: What are your thoughts on the 3DS price drop. Are you an early adopter feeling cheated or a bargain hunter ready to pounce? In broader terms what does this say about the state of Nintendo, or the future of handheld gaming?

In addition you get the usual suspects; Retail Roundup, New Releases, DLC, Twitter Section and the sexy gaming quiz.

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4 Responses to “Podcast Episode 149 – Mellow Bird”
  1. avatar Wayne Shayler says:

    Missed the MLGQ this week, but thought I’d throw this out there.

    At the beginning of the year, I, as everybody else, thought 3D was just a gimmick.

    Roll on six months, and after completing Zelda, I’m very seriously tempted to by a 3D TV.

    That’s only due to the amount of time I’ve spent with my 3DS.

    I’ve also noticed that my ‘viewing angle’ has increased. I used to have to hold it very still, now I can move it about without losing the 3D image. It just takes a bit of time to get used to.

  2. avatar morat says:

    On the subject of Tiny Tower addiction advice. The cure is simple..

    Like other people went a little too balls deep on this game, started taking the Ipad to work.

    Then realised changing the date and time of your Ipad speeds up the building of floors, coin earning etc Now still play it but on a casual basis there does not seem to be such a burning need to play it all the time as can catch up whenever I want.

    And yes I know its cheating, but its better than getting fired for playing games at work.

  3. avatar Vampire Azrial says:

    Started playing Tiny Tower last week, after hearing about it so much, now I’m addicted to it, thank you very much you gits! Really like the sound of Groove Coaster, alas there’s no free version to try out and I only have 30p in my iTunes account left, may have to pick it up one year though. Great podcast as always guys, thanks for keeping me grinning like a loon when I’m sitting on the train listening to it.

  4. avatar Greg Giddens says:

    I hope you continue to enjoy Red Faction: Armageddon, Matt. I certainly did, as you can see in my review http://www.midlifegamer.net/2011/06/red-faction-armageddon-review/

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