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Podcast Episode 148 – All Aboard!

July 25th, 2011 by

Your beloved hosts reflect on another week of gaming, with a liberal splash of adult fun.

What have we been playing?

Matt dabbles with Deathsmiles and goes ‘Balls Deep’ into Bastion.

Daren also plays a little Bastion while trading in towers for trains with RailWorks 2: Train Simulator.

This week’s news topics

Goldeneye 007 Reloaded confirmed for 360 & PS3, Halo Anniversary’s Pre-Order bonuses discussed, Super Meat Boy gets an Ultra Edition, The Darkness 2 suffers a delay, Star Wars The Old Republic Limited Editions detailed and Mortal Kombat gets Freddy Kreuger.

Soundtrack of our gaming lives

This week: Daren selects music from Konami’s classic arcade game Gradius.

This weeks MLGQ: Mid-Term Report: What is your GOTY 2011 based on the 1st 6 months & why? Also what future 2011 game if any do you expect to trump it?


In addition you get the usual suspects; Retail Roundup, New Releases, DLC, Twitter Section and the sexy gaming quiz.

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7 Responses to “Podcast Episode 148 – All Aboard!”
  1. I got 3/5 and that was including my own question :(

  2. avatar cramtheman says:

    As im a signalman for Network rail the latest podcast has really got me interested in Railworks for the pc..ive never ever considered playing any train sim but after this weeks podcast im intrigued.As always another great podcast..

  3. avatar ShatnerzBassoon says:

    Its only now that Darren has come out of the closet in such a public way I feel safe and secure enough to stand and be proud of who I really am… your all good friends… I have suppressed this for two long and its time I was honest with everyone:

    My names Mat… and I play Euro Truck Simulator

  4. avatar Steve says:

    I just found your podcast and was wondering if you have any plans to publish somewhere besides iTunes?

  5. Hey Steve.
    There is the standard RSS feed which you can plumb into most applications.
    At the bottom of the web site you’ll see the feeds for everything, including the podcast – might help ya partner

  6. avatar Tepic says:

    Just got around to listening. Railworks 2? Welcome to my professional world! The real thing is not as relaxing, but a great way to earn a decent pay packet.

    Your not to old until you get into your 50s, so become a fellow deadite and “join us!” ;)

  7. avatar Simone says:

    Im brand new to the show, just listened to it in the past two days but I love it and hope thngis go SO well in the future that geekwitch airs even more often! <3Thank you for making this show, its really been a blessing and an inspiration for me![]

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