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Sony E3 Conference Round-Up

June 7th, 2011 by

Here is a play-by-play account of the Sony E3 2011 conference, taking us right from the (somewhat delayed) opening videos, to the birth of a new handheld! Enjoy!

1.00am- Sony press conference now kicking off! Get ready guys!

1.03am- Sony appears to be locked in her dressing room, sipping a G&T while the last spritzes of hair spray are applied. E3 crowd look restless.

1.07am- Okay Sony, get on with it. Some of us have beauty sleep to pretend to get. People must be queuing at demo booths for Dance Central 2 for the 360?

1.10am- It would appear the Sony conference has been hacked, it will now take place on June 25th at 6pm BST… HURRY UP.

1.18am- Preview video reel flashes up, lots of cool images of new handheld console, and plenty of PS exclusives to boot! It may be twenty minutes late, but it seems like it’ll be more than worth it at this rate.

1.22am- FINALLY. Here’s Jack Tretton, and he better be handing out beers or $50 bills… Ooh, PSN Outage right off the bat- no time like the present I guess. Someone grab me a Kleenex

1.25am- Percentages and numbers from Sony, don’t remember hearing a lot of that from Microsoft (and it’s usually Nintendo’s job to bore us with pie charts). Heartfelt apology from Mr. Tretton and his strange tie/shirt combo… Just show us Uncharted 3 please.

1.26am- Everyone is more interested in discussing Mr. Tretton’s fashion sense… The Internet does not like royal blue on coral! Tough luck. They’re gonna be the launch colours for the NGP, haha!

1.31am- A few minutes into the Uncharted 3 demo- not even one wisecrack from Nathan Drake yet… Just lots of silence and bone-crunching… Not the most exciting of demos, although Master Drake is Mr Average of the Decade.

1.36am- This is a bit more like it. But oh good lordy lord another November launch!? BF3, MW3 and now U:DD3! 0.o;; Better get saving those pennies. And prepare for a month of living off beans on toast and dust… Good for the waistline if nothing else (and Thanksgiving/Xmas are around the corner for post-poverty face-stuffing).

1.38am- Resistance 3 next. So many threequels so far this E3. Apparently it’s August 1957. Marvellous. We’re fighting the Chimera in NY and meeting the Remnants. Oh, and we lost the war, just so everyone knows. Do we ever win against alien threats any more?

1.41am- Sony conference not nearly as manic as Microsoft. Someone clearly took their Ritalin dose like good boys and girls. Nice pace. Good amount of content. Let’s see if Sony can keep this up.

1.43am- 3D SHADOW OF THE COLLOSUS! I don’t even care about spell check COLLUSOS COLLUSSOS COLUSSOS! And Ico and GOW games all repackaged with shiny HD makeovers. Lovely. Expect them September 2011. After the Tomb Raider Trilogy HD remakes it was clear this would happen for some more series’.

1.46am- PS3 Price drop bundles with 3D glasses and 3D magic TV screens to be sold with Resistance 3- not too shabby! And now Move… Let’s see if Sony can match Microsoft’s mention of the word Kinect (mentioned approx. 17,468 times) from their conference.

1.47am- Okay, gotta admit, I’m steadily impressed so far, but they’re building to something else here. It almost feels like we’re going through the motions a bit. And speaking of motions… here’s Move related gibberish.

1.50am- Kobe Bryant enters the fray to a mixed reaction (has he done anything recently to anger Sony fans and press people?) Nintendo are royally screwed in the celebrity stakes tomorrow! They’re gonna need Stephen Fry riding in on a 20ft long 3DS replica… Anyway, basketball time. Give the man a wand and get on with it…

1.54am- A Move-enabled NBA12 Q3 2011. Now we’ve got something called Medieval Move(s)- medieval action game looks, erm, okay? Interesting weapon change mechanic, which obviously works very well for our demo guy, not sure in the real world how smooth it’ll be.

1.57am- More Move titles. inFamous2 up next

1.58am- Oooooooooooh…

1.59am- *brief toilet break but I’m sure Cole McGrath did some wonderful electro-tricks and that the graphics were incredibly pretty*

2.01am- LittleBigPlanet2 update to be enabled with Move. Noice.

2.03am- And here is the fabled Starhawk I’ve been waiting to hear from… Another one Move enabled it seems. I’m getting awful deja vu from about 6 hours ago now…

2.05am- That was Sly Cooper- Thieves in Time, apparently. Should I recognise the title??? Answers on a postcard please. Oh, and no one has mentioned The Last Guardian yet. Hmm.

2.07am- And now… DUST… ANYBODY… NO… DUST… ANYBODY… NO =/ *shoehorns Little Britain humour into series gaming commentary*

2.08am- Admittedly Dust looks good, and the crossover with EVE Online needs further research, but sounds very cool. I think I know what is coming up next! Crikey we haven’t even hit the one hour mark yet! Are they saving the lion’s share of the conference for NGP/PSV?

2.11am- *jaw drops*

2.12am- Having picked up my jaw and a selection of garbled sentences left abandoned on the carpet from earlier this evening, Bioshock: Infinite looks pretty/stunning/amazing etc. and gave me the same chill the first Bioshock game did back in 2007.

2.17- Saints Row The Third and Star Trek Online take the stage, the latter coming in 2012 to coincide with the next film. You’ll be playing as the new cast, not the old ones, so get used to seeing Chris Pine’s smug, handsome, grinning face all over your–

2.18am- *Star Trek phaser peripheral is mentioned* *thousands of Trekkies let out a small moan of pleasure* Hmm, what was I saying? It’s not like they mentioned Light Sabres or anything…

2.23am- NGP officially titled Playstation Vita. Quelle surprise.

2.24am- I still think the reverse touch pad will only be used in DOA games for unhooking bras. Or in Gears of War PSV for giving realistic man hugs with pats on the back? Anyone else have any ideas. Maybe we’ll see it in use soon?

2.27am- PSV specifics coming in the near future. IE price and specs and games. Scott Rohde is in the house now.

2.29am- Playstation Near feature announced for more connectivity (are we not already connected enough to everyone?)

2.30am- Uncharted for PSV on display. Unexpected.

2.31am- PSV graphics are rather sweet… Looks close to PS3 quality I have to say. QTE touch screen controls for Uncharted are interesting… Hmm… Lots that can be done with this technology, kudos to Sony, for now.

2.34am- Stealth take downs, dual analogue stick cover and aiming systems, graphics still holding up nicely… Very smooth. Though it had better be for the likely cost of the machine.

2.38am- There is some confusion as to mysterious green lead coming out of PSV. Some claim it to be a humble charger or line out for sound. I’d like to think it was a new peripheral; plug it directly into your nostril to be able to smell as you play. Why not just skip 3D and go right into the 4th dimension!

2.40am- Still no Last Guardian… Jus’ sayin’…

2.44am- ModNation was quite fun! And again, good use of customisability combined with the intuitive control schemes provided… This could be the new Mario Kart for Sony fans.

2.46am- Capcom have appeared for Street Fighter X Tekken. PS3 and PSv versions. Crowd gives off a big ‘Ooooh’ and there are several swoons.

2.7am- Cole McGrath included in SFXT roster for his ‘unique lightning abilities and flying techniques’ and totally not ’cause he’s flavour of the month. Footage looks stunning, again, on the PSV.

2.48am- Xbox owners ask if Alan Wake will be included in 360 roster…

2.50am (are we nearly done yet?!) The Wifi PSVita will be $249, $299 for 3G. Available end of 2011 in Japan and early 2012 for NA/EU. More info to come in the coming months.

2.52am- A quick reel clip of PSVita bits and bobs to come, and apparently over 80 titles in various stages of development are in place. I’m amazed nothing was leaked sooner.

2.55am- Tretton gives us a fond farewell and FINALLY some of us can get to sleep. Oh, and The Last Guardian still not mentioned. Not impressed.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that! Tune in later today for my recap on the Nintendo conference! All in all though, Sony have edged ahead of Ubisoft and Microsoft in the conference leadership board in my mind. Nintendo have all the cards to lay down. Will they claim the 2011 E3 crown? Time will tell.

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4 Responses to “Sony E3 Conference Round-Up”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Thank you Jon. That was excellent.
    Great summary of the evening (which I missed)…and some excellent commentary given that you kept going until 3am!

    Love the “I still think the reverse touch pad will only be used in DOA games for unhooking bras”…something I used to be able to do with one hand btw.

    (That was the briefest of toilet breaks…where you actually watching the feed on the bog?)

    Great work buddy.

  2. Thanks a lot for this partner.
    I’m yet to see it – but keen to to see……

    “The Internet does not like royal blue on coral! Tough luck. They’re gonna be the launch colours for the NGP, haha!”

    Love it :)

  3. avatar Jon Brown says:

    My bathroom is connected to my bedroom, but after a litre or so of tea (in the successful attempt to keep myself awake) my bladder was fit to burst!

    I will be doing the same thing for Nintendo later today. Should be up here on the site between 7pm and 8pm with any luck!

    But yeah, this sorta commentary is fun because this is all basically my twitter feed with a bit of fleshing out here and there when necessary. Was up again at 8am to resume E3 coverage for various sites, having got to bed at 4.30am having posted the Sony round-up! =D

    HARDCORE!!! Haha!

  4. avatar Jon Brown says:

    Oh, and to clarify, I also had the live stream running on my iPhone and swapped between laptop and iPhone dependent on who lagged least. iPhone sat on the towel rack while I urinated =P Now THAT’S dedication if I do say so myself!

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