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Nintendo E3 Conference Round Up

June 7th, 2011 by

Here is the second of my E3 play-by-play accounts, this time of the Nintendo E3 2011 conference, taking us right from another somewhat delayed start, to the unveiling of a new console! Enjoy!

17.00pm- Nintendo are also late to their conference. Last minute sushi binge has brought down half the tech assistants. Sony execs are rubbing their hands together and concealing small vials of a mysterious purple fluid.

17.02pm- Strange trivia messages floating around the E3 screens. One had some Luigi’s Mansion trivia. Eyes peeled for this one ladies and gents…

17.03pm- Yes commentators, there is someting we want for the Wii- THE LAST BLOODY STORY! Come on SquareEnix! Pull your finger (vitality sensor) out!

17.04pm- I might take a shot of Whiskey every minute that passes with The Last Story being announced for Europe. Liver failure is then in the hands of Squeenix.

17.05pm- Distinct lack of Whiskey in the pantry. Previous threat not quite so threatening with “Sugar Free Ribena”… I’ll take it neat, then see what Squeenix have to say about the resulting diabetes! Ahahahaha!

17.06pm- I had a point here somewhere- Ah yes, Nintendo, here they come. *taps foot on ground and stares at clock*

17.07pm- The huge orchestra are doing a fab job, Zelda trailer/teaser thing currently playing… Damn that’s a big orchestra!!! Must be a 25th Anniversary celebratory vid.

17.10pm- Serious goosebumps are that opening! Round 1 to Nintendo! And Happy 25 to Zelda and co. Listen to the audience roar like Gorons! (Do Gorons roar? We just don’t know…)

17.11pm- Miyamoto in the house! Now that’s an entrance!

17.12pm- Overlapping translation… This could get complicated. Orchestra piece was from Skyward Sword, awesome! Zelda Zelda Zelda!!! =D

17.14pm- Music display, samples of different pieces from the game… what are they building to here? This is brilliant!!!

17.15pm- Always the showman, good ol’ Miyamoto! 25th Zelda Anniversary game for each console. Links Awakening 3DS/Virtual Console available today!

17.16pm- Zelda OOT 3D out for 3DS 1 week. Yay! Thanks for reminding us! Hint movies to help newcomers + master quest mode.

17.17pm- 4-player Zelda DSiWare downloadable game. Skyward Sword for Wii Q4 2011! “It’s finally done,” he jokes. Ahaha, very funny Mr Miyamoto… >.> Yeah, it better be bloody done.

17.18pm- Miyamoto very much into his arm flailing, “great exercise” he jokes, as he waves his magic golden wand of power! (Celebratory Zelda Wii-Mote, the tackiest piece of kit you’ve ever seen…) DEMO at E3 this week. Orchestra will be traveling across the world for 25th anniversary concerts. Fall 2011. Date specifics soon. Noice.

17.21pm- A big thank you to the production crew behind the Zelda (and Mario) franchises, some of them up on stage taking a bow.

17.23pm- Satoru Iwata! Come on! Wii2 Wii2 Wii2 Wii2! Deeper… Wider… Harder… Faster… Mr Iwata, please! Oh you little tease!

17.24pm- DO NOT BOO MR IWATA! He mayb be a coy little strumpet of a man but he doesn’t deserve to be booed. Yet… <.<;;

17.25pm- Nintendo 3DS time first! Mario Kart kicks things off! It’s about time. StarFox 3DS… Mario 3DS… Om nom is all I can really say. Ooh, Kid Icarus… SO MUCH FOR ONE MINUTE TO HANDLE. And one more new game? Ho-hum?

17.27pm- LUIGI’S MANSION 3DS CONFIRMED! Called it!

17.28pm- Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! No blue ties and peach coloured shirts for The Regginator! “Something for everyone with 3DS this year.”

17.29pm- Full 3D versions of all those games. Mario Kart new tricked out version! Oooh shiny! Please let me para-glide Princess Peach into a cliff! Oh please let it be so.

17.31pm- Mario Kart coming this holiday season! Bit late! But oh well. Ooh turning/tilting system on Starfox controls… Soaring, banking in 3D in Fall (or Autumn, for the rest of us)! Mario 3DS trailer coming up next.

17.33pm- A “tale” or a “tail”, Reggie? Never mind, question answered! It’s vaguely Raccoon-looking suit Mario!!!

17.35pm- Gotta say it is looking different than expected. Like a full platformer and not just a 2D side scroller. Mario 3D coming before the end of the year, everywhere! (Even Mars) (Not true) (Well, who knows)

17.37pm- Kid Icarus battling on land and in the air, using AR Cards? 3 on 3 multiplayer action! What the heck?! =D Coming late 2011.

17.39pm- Luigi’s Manison 2 officially announced for 3DS! Oh how I’ve missed the better brother! More mansions. More whining. More groaning. (Hopefully not from Mr Iwata)

17.40pm- 3rd Party round-up time- Resi: Mercenaries, Sonic/Mario Olympics, Tetris, Cave Story 3D, Resi: Revelations, Pacman + Galaga, Tekken 3D, MGS- Snake Eater, Dirt, too many to type down at once.

17.41pm- eShop/Web Browser time, game demos and trailers coming soon, in 3D, virtual console just for 3DS, GB/GBC to start.

17.43pm- We know all this Reggie, some of us have been playing on ExciteBike and Pokedex 3D for hours! Something new please! not impatient

17.44pm- Reggie thinks some of us have never seen a Pokedex before versions Black/White before, haha. Gotta catch ‘em all, again… I’m just gonna put tracking devices on the little biggers.

17.46pm- What’s the new name gonna be… Come on… Wii U? =O *gasps for air*

17.47pm- Wii U… Hmm… You know what, I like it. Now, give us info! Unique. Yes. Unifying. Yes. Unicorns. Maybe. Umber (burnt). Yes- release colour. Umbrellas etc.

17.48pm- Controller looks… erm… hmm… Can I just have a moment. Next please >.>;;

17.49pm- Hmm, transfer from TV to controller. Use controller as a separate games machine. Haha, great! More motion control precision, looking very nifty!

17.50pm- is there anything they haven’t considered for this new control– ZOMG THROWING STARS! And video calling, but not while using throwing stars… Although…

17.52pm- is the controller DEFINITELY part of the new console, or not? Hmm, it would seem so! Iwata is back. 6.2″ built in screen (not on Mr Iwata, on the controller)

17.53pm- Wii U transmits picture straight to Wii U controller, the controller is not the console. There are some controller games though. Solitaire *waves flag*

17.55pm- Wii U bonds games and internet. You. Your friends. Your family. Interacting. Not for me thanks… Not after Dance Central at Xmas *shudders*

17.57pm- The question is asked where is Kid Icarus going next? 3DS or WiiU?


17.59pm- (see above)

18.00pm- I am practically quivering/moist with excitement. WiiU software (tech demos, not actual games) to play this week for E3ers, what’s Reggie got up his sleeve now… 3rd party support???

18.01pm- Okay, I’ve dried myself off a bit. Interactive demos of WiiU, not real games- what can WiiU do. Aww, cute bird. OMG looks pretty! Blown away. More surprise than anything…

18.02pm- WiiU gotta be in HD surely… such realistic water and movement… This is awesome…

18.03pm- Mew Muper Mario Mothers Mii, or whatever they want to call it (something Mii-related). Ooh, Reggie is spreading something around. Is it joy? Love? Further moistness?

18.04pm- The annoucnement of the first WiiU title- Lego City Stories, in collaboration with TT Games. Nice, but not amazing. As someone quite rightly said on Twitter: MOAR THERD PARTEE PLEASE! Or something grammatically correct, you choose.

18.05pm- Oh come on… Please say there are more WiiU announcements than just Lego… For the love of– DARKSIDERS 2? TEKKEN? Quoi?! 0.o;; Colour me burnt umber AND surprised.

18.06pm- Batman Arkham City for WiiU… BATMAN ARKHAM CITY. Argle blargle fargle gurgle *dies*

18.07pm- OKAY… YOU CAN STOP NOW… I GIVE IN… Parley! Right… Proper trailers now. Darksiders 2 is very pretty! (As pretty as “Death” can be I guess…)

18.08pm- Aliens for WiiU. My my my Nintendo, we are being bold. Not a Kirby or a Mushroom Kingdom citizen in sight… I admire their pluck.

18.09pm- Ninja Gaiden 3 for WiiU- critics, prepare to be silenced. Okay. Can I breathe now… Please… So little oxygen… WiiU has more 3rd party support in one bloody video than the Wii has had in 5 years, bloody hell…

18.11pm- What are EA doing here…? This is interesting. EA <3 WiiU and have been BFFs for some time. Bless.

18.13pm- Wii? What Wii? Where’s my WiiU? EA likes the transformational nature of WiiU and is backing it 100%. Reggie’s backing it up too. I can’t keep up.

18.14pm- “Think of four platforms..” Oh God, sounds like a Professor Layton puzzle, I’ll get my pen and paper… *scribbles* Ah, it’s game platforms. Nevermind. Ds. Wii. 3DS. WiiU. Next handheld to be called UDS *calls it here* Haha! =P

18.15pm- This, it would seem, is only the beginning, says Reggie. 3DS demos and several WiiU tech thingies are ready outside for lucky E3-goers.

18.16m- So. Let the exploration begin! Thank you Nintendo! Is it just me or does this conference seem much shorter than the others? =/

And that was it! The E3ers went off to their booths, and now the demos and tech displays get going in the main area! Thank you for following!

Final thought, gotta say, Nintendo put Sony and Microsoft to shame a little bit. What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!

11 Responses to “Nintendo E3 Conference Round Up”
  1. avatar Tim Ormsby says:

    No first party titles announced. No sign of the actual console (unless thats it). Release date? cost?. online?. To me its like we got no new games, wii is running out of steam, all we have is this wii u and thats way off in the future.

  2. avatar Jon Brown says:

    This years conference, in my mind, was still much more about 3DS than WiiU. There will be some physical console announced in the coming months. But with the huge array of support for the 3DS in the next 12 months, it will be good for it to get it’s time to shine before A) PSVita comes along, and B) WiiU starts getting more info, more air time at conferences and more publicity.

    WiiU is likely to launch just after E3 2012, but I suspect by the time the TGS rolls around we’ll get our first sights of 1st party titles, prices. TBH online is a given, cost is the only thing niggling at the back of my mind too…

    But we did get plenty of games, I will side with Nintendo on that matter! Thanks for the comment =)

  3. I’m going to put it out there – Very impressed with Wii U – or whatever its called.

    The draw will be having a setup where you can’t see the console itself – you just grab your tablet looking decide – boot it up and there you go – you’re in like flynn.

    The only thing I wasn’t sure about was what they were doing with the tablet during a game – they just seemed to be doing an overhead map like with many DS titles.
    I’m love to see something special done.

    Like I said on Twitter – Aliens, lights off, sound up, having to look away from the action, down to the pad to check the motion sensor – now that sort of experience I can get behind

  4. avatar Jon Brown says:

    Exactly, in movies we are forever seeing characters having to look down to check sensors that detect enemies (this in fact in familiar to the Alien franchise) and looking back up again, checking again, and so on. People say “Oh I don’t want to have to keep looking up and down, it’s going to break my immersion”. Surely the fact that a real being isn’t standing there without a gun against your temple, or a flesh beast isn’t gobbling down bits of your lower appendages, if the immersion breaking factor to game like this, not that fact that you might let your enemies get a few cheap hits in my not being nimble or fast enough…

  5. avatar Greg Giddens says:

    Yeah I’m with you, Matt. I’m excited about the potential behind the Wii U. I’m very much looking forward to its release next. Shame we have to wait.

  6. Any price yet?

  7. avatar Jon Brown says:

    AT least we have a ton of 3DS/DSi/occasional Wii releases left to tide us over. Any of you guys gotten the Pokedex 3D on 3DS eShop. If you want potential for 3D AR games then this is the place it will start. COuld be done similarly to how the combat works in Kid Icarus? =D

  8. avatar Jon Brown says:

    And no, no sign of a price. I would imagine, assuming there is only one model at release, somewhere in the region of $350/£300 perhaps, Depends on how much those controllers cost, as I suspect only one will come with the console itself…

  9. avatar Martyn Hackett says:

    Really don’t know what to make of the controller. There’s plenty of gameplay potential, but how heavy is it? Might sound trivial but I can’t see myself wanting to use it for extended periods. Also it’s ugly as sin.

    Still, the amount of 3rd party support bodes well.

  10. avatar Adamski UK says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if MS of Sony think about devolping something similar…I know Sony have the PSP, but are Microsoft going to try and keep up with the Jones’? Or have they both learnt their lesson from motion sensing peripherals?

    Gotta admit, if Micorsoft announced this for 360 I’d be stoked. But they didn’t. So I’m not.

  11. avatar Jon Brown says:

    Nintendo have had some duff peripherals in their time (can you say Wii Zapper) but this isn’t just a peripheral, nor just a controller. The very fact they introduced us to the controller BEFORE the console itself seems to be indicate that the controller is what WiiU is riding on. Not even the motion control, as it was with the Wii, this whole project rides on that white lap tray. They’ll have done their work on it. I’m confident =D And again, any further proof developers are really behind this and are confident this will work- THAT 3rd party game list!!!

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