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Microsoft E3 Conference Round-Up

June 6th, 2011 by

The Microsoft E3 press conference has just finished, and we have all the juicy news for you.

The conference started with gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, showing a unique underwater mission as a squad swam about planting explosives on the hull of a submarine before storming it after it surfaced, then escaping the ensuing battle on speed boat. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is due for release in November.

Next up, Crystal Dynamics show off gameplay of Tomb Raider. A much more human Lara Croft escapes from unknown captives, getting injured, feeling fear and relying on survival instincts – integrated as a vision mode which highlights objects – to frantically escape the collapsing cave structure.

EA Sports then take the floor to announce Kinect functionality for four upcoming titles: Tiger Woods, Madden, FIFA, and an unannounced sports title to be revealed later in the week. Additionally The Sims 3 Pets and Hasbro Family Games 4 were confirmed for Kinect compatibility.

Bioware then showed off Mass Effect 3 gameplay and show the Kinect support through voice recognition. The demonstration showed choosing dialogue options, and ordering team mates to use abilities and change tactics.

Ubisoft then come out and show Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, featuring Optical camouflage, and next generation Cross-Com HUD and tactical display. The Kinect functionality allows for weapon customisation with gestures and voice, exploding the gun down to its individual components. Also full control using Kinect is teased. It’s all confirmed that all future Tom Clancy titles will support Kinect.

Next up, new Xbox Live features and tweaks are announced. Increased partners for Xbox Live aims to bring more feature to the system, including YouTube, the Bing search tool for searching through the marketplace via voice control with Kinect, and more live TV including UFC fights with interactive menus and community features. More to be announced later this year.

Next came a whole host of footage of Xbox exclusive titles:

Gears of War 3 was demonstrated. Showing off coop, mechs, and absolutely gorgeous visuals.

Crytek announce a new title, Ryse for Kinect, based in Ancient Rome.

Halo HD footage is shown, confirming online multiplayer, coop and competitive, for the HD remake.

Forza 4 footage is shown, confirming Kinect voice control and head tracking. Forza 4 is due out in October.

Lionhead show Fable The Journey, a Kinect title that looks like a first person rail-shooter, casting spells against enemies. Due out in 2012.

The big surprise announcement of Minecraft coming to Xbox 360 Kinect.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures footage shown. You’ll be able to explore the entire park through Kinect, play rides like flying with Peter Pan, falling through the rabbit hole etc. Kinect Disneyland Adventures is out later this year.

Star Wars Kinect was finally shown and it looks fittingly grand, although it still seems to suffer from a delay in controls, and 1:1 is still questionable.

Double Fine also show off their Sesame Street Kinect game, which looks like a fantastic kid’s game.

Kinect Fun Labs was then announced, which will act like a hub for new Kinect software and community created content using Kinect, including Kinect avatar scanning creator, kinect finger tracking allows you to draw in 3D and the ability to finally create digital version of physical items. Kinect Fun Labs is available to now.

Kinect Sports Season 2 was announced and will include Skiing, baseball, golf, darts, tennis and American football.

Dance Central 2 was announced and will allow simultaneous two-player dancing as well as backward compatibility with Dance Central’s DLC songs.

Call of Duty DLC was confirmed as continuing to be available first on Xbox 360.

Last, but certainly not least a new trilogy of games were announced, with the new trilogy beginning in 2012 with the release of Halo 4. The footage was short and sweet but Master Chief is back and I for one couldn’t be more excited.

Well that’s the round up of Microsoft’s Conference. Sony is up later tonight and we’ll be gathering all the news for you to post straight after the conference here on Midlife Gamer.

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9 Responses to “Microsoft E3 Conference Round-Up”
  1. Thanks for the speedy post Greg.
    Forza 4 still looking sweet
    Gears 3 still looking great..
    As far as games go…. I’m struggling.
    I’m just glad I’m not a PC gamer

  2. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Tomb Raider, Forza 4 (please say the decals from Forza 3 can be transfered over!) and of course Gears 3 were the highlights for me.
    Tim Schafer did seem too happy…

  3. @ Matthew Moore : Did you see the Battlefield 3 live demo on PC at the EA conference? It’s was a call to arms for gamers to invest in PC & graphics card upgrades. In short they said ‘Fuck you consoles, PC is back baby!’

  4. Ohhh baby….
    I can’t afford a gaming laptop….

    @Ad – Almost forgot about Tomb Raider – might just have been basic movement and QTE’s going on, but I enjoyed seeing their vision

  5. avatar Martyn Hackett says:

    Good to see more voice recognition used in Kinect.
    I don’t want to jump around or wave my arms, but just shouting at the TV’s always fun (My missus is already doing it without a Kinect…).

    Gears 3 is definitely still coming out? Cool, I’m done with the show now! ;-)

    Halo Anniversary looks cool, but I’m surprised it’s going to be disc-based (albeit cheap), rather than XBLA.

  6. There is a problem with the Mass Effect conversation for me though….

    Conversation in game goes like this
    Alien “No human, it is you who will die”
    Me “Not today”
    Sheapard “No chance you one eyed ugly freak”

    Hold on, is this a 3 way conversation where no ones really paying attention to me? Feels like a bad 3some

  7. avatar Martyn Hackett says:

    …also, the two best non-game features in the new dashboard weren’t mentioned.

    Beacons – Basically a flag you put out saying “I’m doing something else, but if anyone wants to play (Game X) I’m up for it”. Sort of the equivalent of our Multiplayer Meeting Post on the forums.

    Cloud storage – Which for a lot of us is A Big Deal. Saves and profiles can be cloud based, no more account recovery or memory sticks!

  8. avatar Jon Brown says:

    Tomb Raider looked particularly good from my standpoint! Still interested to see what comes from the Nintendo camp tonight…

  9. avatar CrazierStevo says:

    Head tracking on Forza 4?!? does this mean you have to look away from the screen to look left / right? Can’t wait for GoW 3, MW3 and Skyrim.

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