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Wii 2 and the future of consoles

April 18th, 2011 by

Last week saw a rumour take full flight across the internet, grabbing the attention of many a site and reader, the rumour and an imminent announcement of a Wii successor.

The rumours flowed about what this Wii 2 would bring to the market. Sources told Blu-ray.com that Nintendo’s new system would adopt Sony’s Blu-ray disc technology. Sources reportedly told French site 01net the specs for this new system, saying the console will have a custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM. As well as talking about the new controller, originally reported by CVG, to feature a built in HD touch screen.

The consensus at the moment is that Ninendo will reveal this new console at E3 in June, although these recent reports may force them to show their hand a little sooner, that is if they are in fact developing this console at all.

The prospect of a new console is always an interesting and exciting time. New technology means new games and new experiences. It also raises some questions as to what, if anything, Sony and Microsoft will do in response.

Crytek have reported in a recent interview with Eurogamer that they want to see Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles with 16 times the RAM they current hold.
Tiago Sousa says “My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the memory side, It’s way too low, and the biggest crippling factor from a visual perspective,”.”I would really like to see next-gen console platforms with a minimum of 8GB,”.

So whilst I would bet Microsoft and Sony will not be making any console announcements any time soon, I certainly agree with Tiago Sousa on the RAM increase and would love to hear of the next generation of consoles in a few years time to contain such power.

What do you guys think?

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2 Responses to “Wii 2 and the future of consoles”
  1. avatar JoeTheBlow says:

    Nintendo are just making a box that can play upscaled Wii games + ports from the HD twins, Microsoft and Sony don’t need to do shit, they spent enough money Wii-ifying their current consoles.
    They don’t need to even think about a new generation until their consoles are £100 and sales still slow down, which is absolutely years away. Even if they released new boxes tomorrow the near-bankrupt gaming industry can’t afford another switch, what they need is a doubling of the existing user base, which the Wii2 can help with. Remember the platform holders make all their cash on software sales, not hardware, so why on earth would they abandon healthy machines and still-increasing userbases.

    All this talk of a new generation right around the corner is INFURIATING, there is no such thing happening, as much as news-hungry websites might want it to.

  2. avatar JoeTheBlow says:

    Also, if the rumours of it being barely more powerful than a X360 are true then Nintendo are coming into THIS generation, not starting a new one, lets get that right.

    Kotaku also did a story yesterday stating that Sony & Microsoft aren’t even considering new consoles till 2014.

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