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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Launch Trailer Asks You To Man Up

February 9th, 2011 by

What looks to be the final pre-release trailer for the open world racing sequel from Namco Bandai has pulled into view and – boy howdy – Ibiza has never looked prettier. Out are the drug addled ravers “having it large” and in are Zondas, Ferraris and Mercedes-Benz tearing around the gorgeous sun bleached streets. Also highlighted are a few of the customisation options open to players, the effect that time of day and weather have on the locales and the buckets of mud flung up during the off-road racing sequences. The game’s out on the 11th of February, we’ll be manning up for our full review at around the same time.

For more information on the game check out the official website

2 Responses to “Test Drive Unlimited 2 Launch Trailer Asks You To Man Up”
  1. avatar BROTHER BROWN says:

    Got my PS3 copy today and im liking what im seeing so far , ive just got to change my style of driving from Burnout and every thing should be cool.

  2. avatar cramtheman says:

    Got mine aswell today on the XBOX and i cant even play it…it just hangs after i press the start button.Checked on the game forums and it seems to be a wide spread problem.Managed to play for a couple of hours this morning and got to level 4 but it wouldnt let me play online.I enjoyed those few hours but i hope they hurry up and sort these problems out.

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