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How Musical are you?

January 11th, 2011 by

There’s no denying that the Midlifegamer community enjoy the odd sing-song and thrashing of plastic instruments on their system of choosing from time to time. The likes of Sing Star for the Playstation and Lips on Microsoft cater for a wide range of musical tastes for the wannabe vocal artist. The Rock Band and Guitar Hero series of titles also include support for singers with the former offering up to three part harmonies in their latest release and Beatles Rock Band.

I’ve hosted and attended a number of Rock Band / Sing Star / Lips get togethers and while there are some very good singers (who seem to favour particular genres to suit their taste or voice), there are often folk that get left out because they’d rather keep their talents restricted to the shower.

The BBC has recently launched a new, online, musicality test which is attempting to discover the nations musicality.

Dr Daniel Mullensiefen of Goldsmiths University of London says A very small proportion of the population are truly tone deaf,” adding that “Traditionally, musicality was defined as something that you got from practising for hours in a darkened room. But we want to show it’s a much broader and wider concept.”

How do you measure up? (note: not writer's test results)

The test is not about your singing ability, but your musical appreciation. So even if you prefer to wail on the drums or waggle the whammy bar, the results might help you ‘tune’ your talents.
The study, as part of the BBC’s Lab UK scientific experiments, hopes to reveal the nation’s musical ability. There is no singing involved (no need to worry about disturbing the neighbours!) rather the test, which takes around 25 minutes, examines our music appreciation and sense of rhythm and pitch.

Can you sing?

The test requires that you register (Free) and is available here:

If you take the test, please post your results in our forum thread here: (linky)

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5 Responses to “How Musical are you?”
  1. avatar Phizzy says:

    Is my internet being shit or are the music clips in this drag and drop section meant to be less than a second long each?

    Edit: It all broke in the middle anyway oh well

  2. yeah they are half a second each.

  3. avatar Discobeaver says:

    interesting little test, not sure how the scores directly relate to each persons Musical ‘Ability’ but i had pretty much high on all parts except for Enthusiasm for Music which was meduim. Despite this i still dislike traditional rhythm action games……..oh well : /

  4. Where as I scored low in everything and enjoy rhythm action games. Hey ho. I think like Antman I scored particularly low because I didn’t choose extremes, just agree or disagree.
    Did ok on the pitch test, but pretty poor on the rest.

  5. avatar Splendidmcawesome says:

    99% for Musical Perception, and 96% for Enthusiasm for Music. Does this mean I get my own show??

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