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Weekend Gaming 26/11/2010

November 26th, 2010 by

The weekend is almost here!

Hell yeah its the season to buy some more games!  After some of the biggest releases in history the whole family will have something new this week.

First up you could always get off your ass with Get Fit with Mel B on the Wii and Game Party in Motion for Kinect.  Or for those who want to go all out (white glove and all) there is Michael Jackson: The Experience…. yo.

Oh and lets not forget the ultimate driving experience finally hit shelves this week in the form of Gran Turismo 5!

For those who want to sit back and enjoy the ride can go super sleuth with CSI Unresolved before painting the town red with Epic Mickey or saving the world with Ravings Rabbids Travel in Time.

Finally for those with the ability to speak fast and in time, grab a mic and Def Jam Rapstar or even relive your youth my delving back into the world of Tron Evolution

Let us know in the comments what your plans are and please remember – no spoilers!

9 Responses to “Weekend Gaming 26/11/2010”
  1. avatar BROTHER BROWN says:

    This i shall still be trying to get my final 7 bike challenges on Burnout ( im getting a bit obsessed with it now, dam you little trophies) and a bit of double xp on Red Dead me thinks.

  2. avatar tigerdom74 says:

    this weekend i’ll be trying out the undergarden on xbla,the trial looks sooo mellow and relaxing which is just what i need after a busy week

  3. avatar Hugo Rune says:

    This weekend I shall be mostly playing Gran Turismo 5

  4. avatar Anthony Bate says:

    I “should” be playing CoH. But GT5 plopped through my adequetely sized letterbox a couple of days ago. I feel lucky, it only took 45mins to install and has only frozen 4 times!

  5. Aside from the obligitary ‘Beers & Gears’ I’ll be looking to get deeper into the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood campaign. Also picked up Monkey Island 2 SE for XBL in the sale, although that may have to wait a while…still got Mass Effect 2 to complete dammit!

  6. avatar xeroxeroxero says:

    Fingers crossed for GT5 through the post and Sonic Colors DS. Otherwise it’ll be pile of shame stuff… maybe Heavy Rain?

  7. avatar mym1nd says:

    This weekend I hope to make some way into Puzzle Agent on i{Phone now I have forgiven the last update erasing my save.

  8. avatar tridentmorph says:

    This week picked up GT5, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Splatterhouse and EA Active 2 so will probably mix and match that little lot. Will probably also try and fit in a bit of Zombie Red Dead with Brother later tonight.

  9. avatar Jurassic Prinny says:

    This weekend I have been too busy playing GT5 to notice this post.

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