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Weekend Gaming 12/11/2010

November 12th, 2010 by

Its one of the biggest release weekends and we want to know what you’re doing?

If my friends list is anything to go by, there will be a lot of secret military action going down with Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Let us know how your finding Treyarch’s tweaks to this solid FPS.

But its not all about shooting people in the face, if we are to believe the reports, literally dozens of people will be stood tall representing all things Kinect.  Lets hear all about your adventures, big cats and sweet dances moves.

But we know we have readers out there who are still slogging their way though all of the RPG’s or just can’t pull themselves away from the auction house in World of Warcraft.  So lets hear what’s on your gaming menu for this weekend, but please hold the spoilers.

10 Responses to “Weekend Gaming 12/11/2010”
  1. This weekend Matthew I will mostly be seeing if I can’t finish Enslaved and doing my usual Gears and Beers tonight

  2. avatar xeroxeroxero says:

    Excited to be playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Knights In The Nightmare this weekend, plus a little Flower Sun And Rain if I get a chance. Might jump on Dungeons And Dragons Online if I get a chance too.

  3. avatar Spiny says:

    “what your doing?”

    Mostly, playing MW2 while waiting on another patch to fix the CODBOPS stuttering problems. And I think I may have a date with that saucy Bayonetta.

  4. avatar StevoA says:

    Between DIY and shopping, I’ll be trying to a) finish 007:Bloodstone on 007 settings, and b) continuing my addictive-compulsive progression through Black Ops to Prestige level 1. Join me in my online ranting as some 12 year old punk makes me feel like a noob.

  5. avatar Wayne Shayler says:

    Going to be a big Dance Central shindig on Saturday evening!

    Being that ‘Big TV’ console gaming is off the cards when the Mrs is in, I’ll be attempting to finish the Minamoto Yoshitsume campaign on Age of Empires – Age of Kings on DS. It’s hard as rock.

    I’ll also be continuing my travels through time with Professor Layton. It’s a bloody awesome game!!

  6. avatar Adamski UK says:

    This weekend Matthew I will be packing my Rock Band kit into the boot of my car ready for some post pub wailing and thrashing after a night out with some old friends.
    Ooh, and enjoying Zen Bound on the iPod now that its free!

  7. Working through a bit more RDR, hoping for some multiplayer fun on Sunday. A bit of Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock – the narrative sucks, but plenty of fun songs and may buy the Rocky Horror pack.
    Still have Twighlight Princess in the Wii and trying Lair on the PS3.

    I have more games than I do time, so need to spend top dollar on brand new releases. Fascinated by Kinect, but not enough room.

  8. avatar Pie says:

    Will be playing a ton of Super Meat Boy. I LOVE THAT GAME.

  9. avatar blunners says:

    dicking about on fable 3 and fifa 10 and moh

  10. avatar espedair says:

    This weeks, I am blowing my gaming time on call of duty black ops, becasue shooting people in the face is where its at!

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